Update Your Traditional Bathroom With a Contemporary Style


Exproperti.com – Traditional bathroom styles are all about the colors, materials and tiling. Most people like to use tiled walls to match their color scheme. But, you can be daring and choose something different to add a rustic look to your bathroom. Here are some great ideas for transforming your traditional bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Styles

Use freestanding bathtubs with many inches of free-standing floor space. Use modern style shower heads with many different options of temperature control. Use traditional bathroom tiles with many different bold shades of gray. Use modern textured shades of gray. Add interesting textures to your bath decor.

modern touch to traditional bathroom ideas by using modern floor tiles made of glass and metal. Try using stripes as borders. You can also try different patterns. Try a wallpaper border on the wall. Add interesting textured shades of gray.

Look for Interesting Textured Tiles

Look for interesting, textured tiles in interesting shapes. You can find rectangle, oval, circular, square or rectangular squares made of textured glass, ceramic or porcelain. Look for interesting mosaic tiles in different textures. Decorate the walls in different bold colors. Try using stripes as a coloring choice on the walls.

Use traditional accessories with bold, textured accents. Use traditional soap dispensers and traditional bathroom towel racks. Try traditional lighting with recessed lighting. Add a few wall sconces on the walls. Try different types of mirrors – some with mirrors on one side and a normal mirror on the opposite side.

Use Colors That Contrast with Each Other

For example, use light-colored walls with dark wood framed bathroom furniture and chrome faucets. The walls should also have earth tones. Use warm earth tones with soft touches of reds and pinks.

In contrast, use loud colors and extreme geometric lines with bold finishes to create a contemporary, traditional design. You can use black and white tiles for the floor. Hang contemporary bathroom wall tiles with prints on them. Use unique wall tiles like ceramic tiles with flowery designs and floral motifs.

Find a Victorian sink

Find sinks and other fixtures that have a Victorian feel. Use ornate vessel sinks and old brass faucets. Add wooden shelving to hold your towels and decorative mirrors to complete your traditional master bathroom ideas.

Build a traditional vanity with glass tops and porcelain vanities in a brown tone. Use a black vanity with a white subway tile on the top. Finish it off with a matching light fixture and bronze cabinet knobs. An antique wash sink completes the look. Complete the bathroom with floor to ceiling windows and light fixtures.

Decorate your shower with vintage style tiles. Use an oval marble or soap dish that is painted in a cream or beige color. The ceramic tile should be the same color as the sink. Complete the shower with a matching soap dish and ceramic towel rack. Add vintage-style lighting to complete your contemporary image source.

Add a Bathroom Vanity

Add a bathroom vanity that has a built in glass door. To complete the decorating look, add chrome faucets and light fixtures. Add a beautiful cabinet that has a built in shelf. This will add extra storage space to your bathroom.

Update your bathtub with new or classic design elements. Purchase a contemporary tub with a wood paneling instead of porcelain or glass. A classic wall mounted bathtub with wood paneling provides a timeless wall element. Complete the entire look with a classic wall border.

Update your faucets with modern faucets and fixtures. Purchase a traditional look vanity with a wood paneling instead of porcelain or glass. Finish off the room by adding a contemporary light fixture and a classic cabinet knob. These simple changes will update your bathrooms quickly and inexpensively.


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