French Bathroom Decorating Ideas

858 – French bathrooms are a very revealing space and not only because it’s where you get completely undressed for every time you step into the room. Step into a French bathroom and you instantly know a lot about the occupant of the room, male, female, large family, young or old. The design itself lends itself to the voyeur in many ways. When the light is off, or when it’s dark, you can almost feel the faces of those who occupy the space. It’s like peering into a darkened locker room.

French Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the things that really sets a French bathroom apart from other types is the vanity. In fact, the whole design idea is built around the vanity; it is what the eye is drawn to first. And since the vanity is typically the biggest piece in the room, it has to be really well put together and decorated. And because it is such an important part of the bathroom, it should be able to last for years to come. That’s why choosing quality materials and crafting a solid design is so crucial.

One of the most beautiful items you can have in a French bathroom is an antique medicine chest. There are a lot of different types of antique medicine chests out there, but nothing says “class” more than a chest made from solid wood. Pine is lovely wood, as are oak and maple. You can find these kinds of items in homes everywhere, on antique store shelves, as part of a complete antique look, or perhaps you can find them in an auction or garage sale. If you want to save money, try purchasing an antique medicine chest that has been restored, rather than new. It will cost less, and it will have all of the gorgeous details and architecture that go with a real antique.

Another great choice for your French bathroom is the classic clawfoot tub. These are absolutely stunning in any type of French bathroom, and they make a lovely design element as well. Some people love the idea of clawfoot tubs, but I think they just seem very dated. The beauty of a clawfoot tub is the way it stands out against the walls in your bathroom. Not only that, but the antique look of clawfoot tubs is something that just can’t be replicated – at least not easily.

French Country Decorating Style is Furniture Simplicity

If you’re trying to get the most from your classic French bathroom, you’ll definitely want to include a few pieces from France. One of the most gorgeous items you can have in a French bathroom is actually a small French Country style fireplace. These fireplaces look wonderful when placed next to an antique faucet, but if you can’t find one that fits your style, you can buy one that will look fantastic in your fireplace. One thing about the French Country style of decorating is the simplicity of the furnishings – especially in terms of furniture – so feel free to include fancy, modern pieces as long as they don’t overwhelm the room.

Another common slang for French bathrooms is the phrase “le petit chapeau.” This translates loosely to “little potpourri.” If you’ve ever experienced sitting by a window, smelling the flowers wafting through the air, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a beautiful way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your French style bathtub, especially since most French homes have huge windows.

Best French Bathroom Mirror Usage

One final item that you can include in your French bathroom is some type of decorative French mirrors. Mirrors are very common in the French style because they provide light and reflect the natural light of the outdoors. You can choose a larger than life mirror if you like, or you can go with a smaller, more elegant version. My personal favorite is a large rectangular mirror that is intricately carved with flowers on the outside. Some people like to use a small vase filled with white roses to hold it.

If you really want to create an authentic-looking atmosphere in your French style bath, then you should consider adding some vintage gold wall art to your walls. A gold mirror will look lovely above your countertop, but you can also place one in the middle of your bathroom along with some vintage gold framed pictures. Any mirror will do, but a gold framed mirror with pictures on the other side will make the room seem even more romantic. Be creative when choosing artwork, because these days mirrors are not just made to look beautiful – they’re made with your comfort and safety in mind!


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