How to Create a Modern Exterior for Your Home

378 – The modern exterior of your home is often the first impression visitors get of your property. If you are looking to renovate or build a new home, there are a number of ways to ensure the outside of your house is up to the task.

Great Idea for Using Neutral Colors

The best contemporary coastal homes feature an open floor plan, minimal clutter and sleek silhouettes. They’re also home to large elements of calm and natural light. Adding these finishing touches can help promote a sense of calm and encourage indoor-outdoor living. For instance, a classic wicker chair with a sleek industrial light fixture can look modern and chic. It’s also a good idea to go with neutral colors. A coral-colored designer chair in a neutral room makes a big impact.

For the best results, choose a color scheme that matches your furnishings. You can also go for a monochromatic palette. This will allow you to add accent colors. One of the most obvious coastal-inspired touches is slip-covered furniture. The classic ticking stripe is one of the most recognizable patterns in coastal design. To complement the style, try adding a modern twist with sleek unfinished wood console tables.

If you are looking to spruce up your home’s exterior, a transitional modern style is a great way to go. This design trend combines traditional and modern styles with clean lines and a focus on texture. The result is a unique blend that’s both contemporary and timeless. While this style does have some similarities to mid-century modern architecture, it also reflects its own unique personality. For example, the roof line of this home has a distinct slope. It also features a low-lying prairie-style roof.

Transitional Designs Add to the Openness of the Home Overall

Another aspect of the transitional style is the large asymmetrical windows, which allow natural light to pour in. Oversized windows create a welcoming effect and add to the overall openness of the house. Another transitional design feature is metal accents on furnishings and accessories. These can be painted brighter colors to add depth. In addition, metal roofs are often used to mimic traditional shingles.

If you’re considering a new exterior, you may be interested in a modern home with blue-gray lap siding. The look is a bold statement that doesn’t come off as overpowering. However, you do need to make sure you choose the right shade of gray to make it work for your house. Luckily, there are plenty of gray siding choices to choose from. You can choose a light or dark version. Adding white trim can also be a great way to bring out the best of both colors.

In addition to the color of your front door, you can also add other elements to your siding to give your home an extra dose of personality. For example, if you have a black front door, you could also opt for a black metal roof or shutters. This is a traditional look that works well on a wide range of homes. Whether you’re remodeling your home or building your dream domicile from the ground up, choosing a color scheme that suits your style is essential to a good first impression. Luckily, the modern era provides an endless choice in color schemes and exterior materials.

Create a Unique Look by Choosing Vinyl Siding

Aside from paint, you can choose from vinyl siding, cedar shakes and fiber cement siding in a variety of colors and styles. The latter allows you to create a look that is unique and unrecognizable from the countless homes in your neighborhood. For instance, you can go with the dark or light versions of the colors in a single siding package. And since it’s smooth and slick, it also means fewer trips to the car and a lower maintenance bill in the long run.

Modern exteriors with black trim are a classic and timeless color combination. This look is a great way to add a dramatic touch to your home. It creates a clean, modern look that is also incredibly versatile. You can also add color or accents to make it more unique. The use of black window trims has been a trend in the Scandinavian design style for many years. They have been used on traditional-style homes throughout the decades, as well. Whether you’re painting your current house or are tackling an architectural project, using this versatile paint color is a great start. Black trim can make a bold statement, or it can complement an off-white exterior. For instance, you could pair black window trims with a pure white wall, or you could use black trim with a soft, light gray wall.


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