Small Nautical Kitchen – Nautical Style

860 – Are you planning to remodel or construct a small nautical kitchen? If so, read on for some handy hints and tips that you may find helpful. First, you should decide on the dimensions of your proposed kitchen before you begin planning. Generally, a small nautical kitchen may be anything from 50ft to a certain amount of 600ft.

Utilizing Space For A Small Kitchen

Usually, most homeowners prefer the smaller of these two sizes. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be. If you have a smaller area, you can still construct something that will be a hit at your party or get together. The following tips may help you with small or no island kitchen construction.

If you are constructing a small island, the first thing that you should do is to determine the best way to utilize the space that you do have. For example, if you do not have a large enough table to seat twelve people, then you may want to consider removing it and investing in a small one. If you plan to serve food, then you have a couple options. You could keep the table set up at different times of the day, or you could have a small grill or cook top placed in front of it. Either way, you’ll need somewhere to grill food, so keep some charcoal nearby for those times when you need a quick cooking solution.

Preparation Tips for Decorating a Small Kitchen

When constructing a small island, another issue that you should consider is food preparation. Typically, small kitchens have limited amounts of counter space to work with. In this case, it will be important to make room for food preparation on the small island. Consider having a small sink installed and using containers or coolers for small portions of food. This will save you from running back and forth to the larger main kitchen to pick up and refill the containers of coolers.

Many small kitchens have poor lighting. It can be difficult to see what’s going on when you are working at night, especially if there are small appliances or work surfaces that you must face. In order to save space and light, consider adding long, narrow light fixtures that extend from the ceiling. These can be installed in pairs across the top of your small kitchen or else along one wall.

Small Kitchen Nautical Theme Design

Another consideration to make for a small nautical kitchen is storage. With a small amount of counter space, you may have to rely on containers to store items such as fish. You could store these containers on the counter with the food, or, you could go with cabinets. In order to create more storage, consider building shelves for pots and pans. The shelves don’t have to be tall, just wide enough to fit a couple of bowls on each shelf. You could also install hooks at the tops of cabinets so that pots can hang from them for easy access.

One last item to add to a small kitchen nautical themed design is a small refrigerator. A refrigerator can not only provide you with cold beverages like ice cream or sherbet, but it can also help you store other foods that are in bulk for use later. For example, it makes sense to have a refrigerator stocked with frozen fish and meat that you can take along on a long voyage.

A small nautical kitchen can be made to look bigger by using larger sized pots and pans. By using larger pots and pans you can create more surface area. This can allow you to prepare more dishes at once or can help you prepare food in a shorter period of time. One option would be to purchase small pots that are themed to represent sea life or even starships. You could also have a microwave oven specially designed for sea creatures. There are many options and finding what works best for your space is half the fun.


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