Asian Bedroom Décor Ideas

968 – If you want to bring a touch of Asian style into your sleep space, start with a neutral palette. Colors inspired by cherry blossom pinks, ravishing reds or lush greens can also be incorporated into the bedroom.

Create a Space that Feels Clean and Serene

This charming primary bedroom has a tropical Asian feel to it with the decorative plants that stand out against the beige walls. The dark brown large headboard of the traditional bed matches well with the wooden panels. This style is about reducing form and color to the simplest state to create space that feels clean and serene. Muted neutrals like alabaster, taupe, khaki and blush pink offer warmth and harmony both visually and by feel. Incorporate them in the walls, furniture finishes and woven accents to balance stark white or concrete elements.

Minimalism is an important element of Asian-inspired bedrooms, and it’s often complemented with natural materials that connect the interior to the outdoors. Look for bamboo, stone and wood flooring, as well as simple furnishings with a low profile. This chic Asian-style primary bedroom features a salmon pink area rug that covers most of the hardwood flooring and complements the light sheets on the traditional bed. A framed three-part artwork is displayed at the headboard that matches the brown wooden bench at the foot of the bed. This bedroom is warmed by the yellow lights in the wall-mounted lamps. A small potted plant adds the finishing touch to this zen space.

A lot of Asian design styles include organic elements. This may be in the form of a natural wool rug or even a living plant. It is important to have a balance between various textures in your Asian bedroom. Too much of one thing can make the room seem too busy and take away from the minimalism that is an important part of Asian bedroom design.

The Best Way to Introduce an Asian Style Theme into the Bedroom

For example, a painted Chinese screen is an excellent way to introduce your Asian style theme into your bedroom without overwhelming the space with too many decorations and furnishings. Use the painted screen as a backdrop to hang a few pieces of wall art that capture the essence of your chosen culture.

You can also incorporate the distinctly Japanese look of shoji screens into your Asian bedroom by using them in place of headboards. These screens give the space a restrained, clean and organized Zen feel. Install a light behind the shoji screen to illuminate it as it casts a soft sheen onto your bedroom walls and furniture.

Most people assume that Asian décor involves neutral hues and natural tones. However, the style also contains plenty of color if you know where to look. For example, Chinese design uses plush golden yellows and sweeping artwork that depicts romantic scenes and lovely patterns. Fiery reds also are common in this type of décor. If you want to add a dash of color to your zen bedroom design, try diffusing a relaxing room fragrance. “It’s important to use a gentle, soothing scent,” advises Julia Sarasola, Feng Shui expert. She recommends diffusing citrus-based fragrances like tangerine, bergamot, and lemon for active rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Adding a Little Greenery to Improve Sleep Quality

For more relaxing scents, consider incorporating one or more Asian room fragrances. This South Korean company has a range of products that include candles, reed diffusers, wax tablets, and car vent air fresheners. Its Tuberose Myrrhder is a luscious concoction that features tuberose, Ethiopian myrrh, Madagascar vanilla, and black currant.

Adding some greenery to your asian bedroom is not only aesthetically pleasing but can actually improve your sleep quality. Certain plants are great at filtering harmful chemicals from the air. For example, the snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), better known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, is a super easy-to-care-for houseplant that filters benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and xylene from indoor air.

Dracaena limelight is another eye-catching houseplant that does well in bright indirect light. Its foliage also turns a vibrant lime green color as it matures, adding interest to your bedroom decor. A tropical plant like the rubber plant adds a touch of the tropics to your Asian bedroom. This tropical beauty can withstand low to moderate light conditions and enjoys being misted regularly. It also filters toxins from household products and helps with humidity control. This makes it an ideal choice for a bedroom.


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