Small Shabby Chic Bathroom Ideas

970 – Shabby Chic Bathroom Interior Design – interior decorating ideas for small bathrooms. Shabby Chic style is a stylish decorating idea that has become hugely popular over the past few years. The unique look is brought about by using very old and worn furniture along with distressed paint, fabrics and towels. This look can really help you create an atmosphere of comfort and calm unpretentious. There are many different things you can do to create a shabby chic theme, but the one thing that you will need to have is patience!

Small Shabby Chic Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Vintage Shabby Chic style – interior design ideas for small shabby chic bathroom. Create a very feminine and charming environment with this retro bathroom style. Look for items that are made of cotton, chenille or linen – they will have the softest feel and look perfect for a bathroom like this. You can use items such as a ceramic water feature, an old washstand, cast iron wall shelves, floral wallpaper borders, and even a vintage door knob. Vintage accessories will help give your bathroom that old world charm and help it to feel very comfortable and relaxing. Full of color: colors are one of the key elements to help create a shabby chic atmosphere.

Vintage Wood – use wooden pieces such as shelves, hooks, faucets, and toilets for this small shabby chic bathroom interior design ideas. You will find many wooden items that are aged, such as doors, drawers, and planters. Paint can be applied in different colors to enhance the aged effect. You may also choose to add vintage linens and rugs. Adding natural materials like silk flowers can create a very romantic environment.

Feminine Shabby Chic Decor

Pink Accent Pieces – many people love the bright and vibrant color that is often associated with Barbie, but you can use pink in your shabby chic bathrooms to create a bathroom that is unique and feminine without being a Barbie-inspired theme. Purchase vintage Barbie inspired furniture, such as a vanity or mirror, and then coordinate the colors used with your wall decor and bathroom accessories. Choose wall decor in shades of pink, such as linens and towels with a pink sash. Look for accessories in pastel and floral designs that are in shades of pink, such as flower holder orchid jars.

Rustic Wall Tiles – looks for authentic and vintage tiles that you can tile over your bathtub or vanity. If you already have rustic wall tiles in your bathroom, you can replace them with these beautiful bathroom wall tiles, which are available in many different sizes and colors. To create a chic and cozy look to your shower area, choose porcelain tile in shades of pink and add some vintage tiles that coordinate with it. You can also select ceramic tiles in brown, black, cream and yellow tones.

Characteristics of The Perfect Shabby Chic Bathroom

French Doors and Glass Mirrors – this one is actually a very popular choice among those who like to create an old-fashioned country charm in their bathrooms. A French door mirror can add a certain charm that will instantly make your shabby chic bathrooms come alive. These are perfect shabby Chic bathroom ideas if you are interested in replicating the look of a bygone era. Purchase antique French doors that are in the wood, pine or mahogany. You can then coordinate the colors of the doors and the shower curtains with the color palette of your bathroom’s linens and towels.

Shower Tray – a rustic vanity set that is painted pink? This is a very feminine shower tray that is also cute and chic. To really pull the whole look together, install a rustic faucet on top of the vanity. Rustic wood is always a wonderful choice for bathroom vanities.

Floor Towel Curtain and Bathtub Curtain – these are two curtains that can transform your bathroom instantly. The floor towel curtain is simply a floor-length curtain that is tied at the back. This creates an illusion of having a long flowing curtain when you don’t have one installed. The bathtub curtain is an adorable lavender printed curtain that allows the light to shine through your bathtub. Both of these items are available in lots of different colors, fabrics and sizes. If you want to create a very chic appeal, use bathtub and toilet tissue paper in pastel shades and pair it up with either a floral print fabric or a polka dot pattern for a coordinated look.


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