Accessorizing Your Small Shabby Chic Kitchen Island

884 – Small shabby chic kitchens are very charming to look at and can really bring your decorating spirit to the next level. In today’s housing market, small homes with more space are ideal. This allows you to use the small space to maximize the value of your property. The key to a small shabby chic kitchen is planning well. Planning a great small, shabby chic kitchen doesn’t have to be a hard task.

Tips for Changing a Shabby Chic Small Kitchen

The first step is to purchase the right small, shabby chic kitchen furniture pieces. A basic small shabby chic kitchen table with three or four chairs will usually do the job. Shabby chic table tops add a touch of class and lend a stylish appeal to the room. You can find great shabby chic table sets and other small kitchen storage ideas through the Internet or in home decorating catalogs.


Once you have your small shabby chic kitchen furniture in place, it is time to start sprucing up the room. A small shabby chic kitchen can look great if you play with light and airy colors. You can pull the theme across the entire room by using light blues, whites, and pinks. You don’t have to use that many accents in a small shabby chic kitchen. A vintage wood-burning lamp on a shelf, a basket of flowers on the table, and candles dotting the floor all create great accents. Don’t be afraid to mix and match items in the room.

Characteristics of Unique Kitchen Furniture

In many cases, you don’t need much to dress up your small shabby chic kitchen. However, if you are looking for a different style, you can go with a Victorian or country look. Look for shabby furniture that has a worm hole for its handles, such as the old-fashioned corbels that were popular in Victorian homes. You can also find corbels in a variety of shapes, including rectangle, oval, and circular. Some of the most popular shapes for these are rectangles, squares, and round.


Another great option to dress up a small shabby chic kitchen is to add a great selection of cabinetry. If you have an eclectic look in the room, you can include a wide variety of wicker, rattan, and other materials in your cabinetry design. For instance, you can make a beautiful grouping of wicker baskets in your cabinets or you can find a set of rustic metal storage boxes and fit them nicely into the corners of your cabinets. There are also plenty of options for doors: mirrored ones, plain wooden ones, and others. These all look wonderful when paired with various paint colors.

Shabby Chic Kitchen Island Decoration Ideas

Another great option for dressing up your kitchen island is to make sure you have plenty of storage options. This means having place mats underneath the counters, a good collection of storage shelves, or even a large shelving unit. It is very important to be aware of the amount of space that is available in your kitchen so that you do not buy something that is too small. This will also help you determine what types of items that you need to purchase, such as hangers, trays, organizers, or drawers.

You may also want to add some accent lighting to highlight the various storage options in your kitchen island. This can be done using various fixtures, including recessed lighting, which goes great with many shabby chic decors. You can also add wall sconces above the sink and/or dining area. Another great idea is to install a pot rack, which can be adorned with pictures of wine bottles or other collectibles. This makes a beautiful statement in your dining room and is easy to clean when the dishes are finished.


If you have a farmhouse kitchen, you can still dress it up in shabby chic by putting in a cozy table and chairs and a few accent pieces. A colorful pot rack would add a nice touch and would go well with farmhouse furniture. It is a fun and inviting way to bring a rustic, country feel into your kitchen. As long as you keep a healthy and balanced diet, you will be able to eat your veggies in a healthy way, as well as being environmentally friendly. The great thing about shabby style is that there are many different ways to accessorize, so you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything.


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