Creating a Pink Family Room

722 – Creating a pink family room can be a challenge, but with some effort it is possible. A family room should have basic furniture, a television, a video game console, and shelves for CDs and DVDs. The color of the walls and ceiling should be non-threatening. If you are going “Pink,” keep in mind that there are many shades of pink, so you should be able to find furniture that fits with your room.

The Right Choice For Family Room Decoration

There are many options for decorating a family room in pink. You can buy fabric on the cheap or fabric paint from the craft store. Make sure you pick up some coordinating accessories to add to the room. You can get a pink couch or a pink chair. You can add pink end tables or a lamp with a pink shade on the end.

You can add touches of pink to the walls by painting the ceiling and white walls pink. If you have a good allowance for decorating, you could even add pink throw pillows on the floor. Find an old picture frame and paint it pink or use a photograph of a pink teddy bear to create a nice frame for it. Don’t forget the drapes, curtains, and tablecloths.

Tips for Decorating a Pink Family Room

If you aren’t good at decorating, you could just add a few items that would go well in the room. Add bright pink throw pillows to the sofa, chairs, and any other pieces of furniture in the room. Use rugs on the floor in patterned shades of pink. Purchase pink balloons or take existing ones from the house and hang them on the wall. Get a few balloons in different sizes for floating in the air between games.

A DVD player is an easy way to accessorize your pink family room. Try turning on a favorite childhood movie and playing it repeatedly while you and the kids play. If you really want to go all out, rent a Barbie video game for the TV. The game is sure to keep your little girl and her friends busy for hours.

Choosing Favorite Pink Color Accessories

You can buy fabric and accessories in your favorite soft pink colors, or use fabric stencils to make unique prints. Use ruffles to dress up the headboard, and use buttons, beads, and lace to accent the window treatments in the room. Paint your wall in a coordinating color or use your imagination. A few framed photos of family members will be a great way to turn the “wall color” into a real portrait.

When you are done with decorating, add in accessories to dress up the room. An organza bag is sure to bring a smile to every little girl’s face as she walks into her pink-colored family area. She will love how everything looks so perfectly together, and she will feel extra special as she sees her family photo on the mantle. Add special touches like a pink doily or pink-carpeted dining table runners to finish off the look.


There is no limit to the fun you can have when you create a pink family room. But if you are a little overwhelmed with what you have to work with, get some help from other parents who have a family room of their own. They can help you with ideas you might not have thought of. Plus, when you share your ideas, you are more likely to try them out and be able to offer your own suggestions. This is a great way to give your kids a sense of independence and reduce the feeling that they are the “odd ones.” With their help, you can transform a family room into something beautiful and unique, just like the people you love. If you have and want to send articles to davidrayhomes, you can visit this page!


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