Shabby Chic Interior Decorating – Elegant Elegance Interiors With a Touch of Shabby chic!


Exproperti.comShabby chic interior decorating can add a touch of southern France to your home, but be careful: this is not just a France thing! This style is actually an interior decorating style based on the eclectic and artistic use of everyday objects and furniture, often in incredibly bad condition. The style is loosely applied to interior design and is often known as ‘Eau de arrest’. Like many areas of interior design, the term is somewhat dated now and is generally considered very ‘caveatious’ when used in casual conversation.

The Purpose of Using Shabby Chic Interior

When using a shabby chic interior, the goal is to create a worn, natural look. The furniture is normally painted in pastel tones – pinks, yellows, creams, and blues, with some darker hues, such as black or dark brown. Cushions on furniture are usually covered in pastel shades, and wall tapestries are either painted in pastel tones or in a neutral color. Wall hangings may be in pastel colors as well.

One great way to create a shabby chic interior is to decorate in the French style. Furniture and decor that use unpainted white pieces, wood that is either aged or looks aged (such as tree bark or peeling paint), and small floral accents (such as sugar gliders or tiny sunflowers) add a comfortable and airy feel to any home. Painted white furniture, along with large flower vases and dishes, make large items appear smaller. Cushioned chairs and sofas made of the soft floral fabric also add softness to a space.

Simple and Neat Shabby Chic Style

When applying the shabby chic style in your home, keep in mind that you want to keep it very simplistic. Your furniture should be a constant, uncluttered backdrop, just floating in the room. This is true even for the pieces of furniture that you decide to buy. The shabby chic style involves layers of clothing, curtains, wall art, rugs, photos, etc., so you want your furniture to be the focal point, rather than an afterthought.

As with any decorating style, there are certain furnishings that are perfect for this design style. Chairs should be comfortable and easily moved; have thick cushions for extra comfort and support, and be well-insulated. Drapes should be delicate and decorative, but not overbearing. They should be paired with a complementary color, such as pale blue for a more formal space or rich chocolate for a more tropical room.

Shabby Chic Design Decoration Ideas

Walls are another key aspect of shabby chic rustic decorating. Since walls are often weathered and worn, they lend themselves perfectly to beautiful, weathered paintings or prints. This can even extend to wall hangings, especially if the artwork is part of a collection. Or, you might choose to purchase antique reproductions or period pieces. You’ll find everything from intricately detailed landscapes to seascapes, just waiting for you to bring them into your space!

Flooring can play a big role in how you paint the interior of your home. Whether you choose to go with weathered wood tones or painted white, the flooring you choose should be durable and long-lasting. It should complement but not compete with the decor and style you’ve chosen throughout the room.

And don’t forget the accessories! In many shabby chic themes, the accessories to go with the furniture are the same as the furnishings. This is also true for other style trends, such as the French provincial. However, with corbels, headboards, and armoires, you get the best of both worlds. A chest of drawers or a bookcase allows you to organize your belongings while also adding elegant interiors. A mirror on the door will let you see your reflection when entering, while a hand mirror accentuates your bedroom’s beauty.


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