Mid Century Modern Decorating Ideas


Exproperti.com – The style of design that we are going to look at today is the mid-century modern family room design style and it is actually very simple to create and it is also very popular. This style of design is quite similar to the Bauhaus style design but the major difference between the two is that it is more geometric and this fits in well with the countryside and simple styles of furniture that you will find in this design. There are many people who will do a mid-century modern room just for the fun and it can be done very easily.

Mid-Century Modern Family Room Furniture

If you look through some of the different magazines from the mid-century, you will notice that there is a common theme of rounded shapes, light colors and metal. In the previous article, we looked at how this style of design is very popular now. In the previous article we looked at some examples of different furniture that you might find in a mid-century modern family room.

A common element that you will find in a mid-century modern family room will be the use of chrome and this will also be used throughout the furniture that is in this room. There are four main types of chrome that you will find throughout the pieces of furniture. There are the shiny chrome, the matte-finish chrome, the brass finish and then the nickel finish. There are some important pieces of furniture that you will need for your home.

One important piece of furniture that you will need for your home is a round coffee table. The round coffee table will be placed in the sitting area where family members can chat. You should choose a nice and stylish coffee table that has an interesting shape. Another very important piece of furniture in mid-century modern family room designs is the chest of drawers.

Essential Furniture for a Mid Century Modern Living Room

The other important piece of furniture in mid-century modern living rooms will be the television stand. This piece of furniture will be needed to keep the television on in the case that you want to watch a movie or in the case that you want to watch something else in the middle of the afternoon. In many homes today, people place their television on the end of a set of chairs that are placed in front of the couch. The other important piece of furniture for your home that will not be discussed as much is the entertainment center.

The entertainment center will typically contain the television, the DVD player and then the surround sound system. This is where all of your favorite movies and music can be found. When discussing mid-century modern family room decorating ideas, people will typically bring up the picture they have in their living room that will become their family room for television. This may be a small television watching area or a large screen model that looks like it can hold several thousand movies.

Traditional Look Inspiration in Mid Century Modern Living Rooms

If you prefer a more traditional look with your mid-century modern family rooms, then you might want to use some color in the room. The best way to do this is to add a wallpaper border or to use color in the paint that is on the walls. Many people prefer the black and white look of the nineteen eighties and will use the colors of gray, browns, and beiges for their family rooms. People that are looking to getty images for their walls can find a great deal of inspiration by looking at various magazines and paintings of mid-century modern rooms.

The other thing that people will tend to look for when considering a mid-century modern design is a minimalist approach. Many designers to choose a design that consists of straight lines, metal work, and glass that is very light. These types of designs look best when they are in a darker tone of color. People that are interested in adding a little bit of drama to their mid-century modern decor should consider adding a wallpaper border around the room. They may also consider adding some lighting effects to make the room look more interesting. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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