How to Create a Monochrome Basement

775 – It can be quite difficult to decorate a monochrome basement. Even if you have done everything right, the walls and ceiling can look totally dark. This is because the light from an overhead light or a dimmer light source will not illuminate the entire room. A standard floor lamp or a small table lamp may be enough but you need something with a lot of colors. A monochrome basement can be quite bland and boring but it can also be the nicest basement in the neighborhood if you find the right combination of colors and lighting fixtures.

How to Install a Ceiling Light with a Monochrome Lens

The first thing you have to do is to install a bright ceiling light. This light will be able to light up the walls and even the ceiling if there are tiles on the ceiling. Tile will make your floor look like a painting or even a wallpaper design. Once you install a ceiling light with a monochrome lens, you can try using other floor lights that are monochrome as well. These will complement the tiles instead of blending with them.

Another way to create visual interest in your monochrome basement is to lay wallpaper on the walls. This will create visual interest from the ceiling down and will even help to bring life to the dull and gray concrete. The key is to use dark tiles and to paint the wall with the same dark color as the wall behind it. Try to match the pattern on the wall to the pattern on the floor so that they will not be too noticeable.

The next thing you need to do is to cover your walls in white paint. This will not only create the illusion of depth, but it will also help to keep cold air out of your basement. Another thing you can do to make your basement feel cozy is to add a comfortable sofa, love seat, or a small bed in a good fabric that blends in with the walls and floors. A small rug can also be used to accent wall. Keep in mind that the darker the flooring is, the smaller the rug should be. You can use this to create a cozy look in your basement.

Covering the Floor with a Tapestry Creates a New Look

The next thing you need to do is to cover the floor with a rug. This will makeover the appearance of the room and will make it look like a whole new floor. A dark floor with a rug will help to give the impression that there is actually a second floor in your basement. This will make the rest of the house seem smaller than what it is.

If you do not want to cover your floor with a rug or you cannot afford one, you can use another inexpensive and effective way to makeover your basement. Using a brightly colored throw on the floor will create visual interest. Not only that, but the throw will also provide comfort to your feet. There is no reason for you to spend more money than necessary on a throw. Just ensure that the color you choose compliments the rest of the room.

Tips for Adequate Lighting in the Basement

The walls in the basement should be well lit. Lighting in the basement will not be enough to provide enough light to be effective. To create an ambiance in the basement, you should install ceiling fans as well as a whiteboard. Ceiling fans should be placed strategically so that they suck the air upward and circulate it. A whiteboard can be installed above your head and it works as a chime to let you know when the humidity in the air is too high. The two are great together to create a cool, comfortable, and pleasant atmosphere in your basement.

Lastly, you should remember that your walls must be properly sealed. You can choose to paint your walls or leave them plain so that you can add color to the walls later on. It does not matter which option you choose as long as the sealer is a good one and helps to protect your home. Adding more of those dark basement feels may seem like a good idea but do not forget that you need to consider the safety aspects as well and that it should be a safe option for you.


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