How To Pick Fashion Clothes For Casual Dressing

1214 – There are some things that you should never do when you are wearing fashion clothes. First, do not wear something so flashy that it takes attention away from the rest of your body. Also do not wear the same pattern or color on every occasion. Remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” right? For the fashion industry this is very true. So here are some things to avoid when you are wearing fashion clothes.

Don’t match fashion with casual clothes

Casual shirts: You should try not to team up fashion clothes with a tie. Ties are for the office and can be worn only at the office. You might want to team them with a shirt but that is considered a little too casual. Do not match fashion clothes to casual clothing. Instead of a tie with a t-shirt, go with a jacket or a long-sleeved shirt.

Sweaters: A sweater is a must have for fall season. A wool sweater or a down jacket will be perfect. If you like to wear a sweater even in the summertime, you should try to keep it simple. Do not wear a cardigan sweater in the winter time. Do not wear a turtleneck unless it says “turtleneck” on the front.

Dress up your jeans just right

Jeans: Jeans should always be dressed properly. Do not wear a boot cut jeans with a dress for formal occasions. Dress your jeans appropriately. Do not wear a jean with a t-shirt and a cardigan for a casual evening party.

Suits: Suits should be worn with a tuxedo. Do not wear a tuxedo with a suit or a business suit. They are considered too business-like. They are meant for the night. Go for a sports jersey or a polo shirt.

Gemstone jewelery has captured the attention of the fashion world

Earrings: In the recent years, gemstone jewelry has caught the fashion world. You can easily accessorize your outfit with them. Diamond earrings, pearl necklaces and Swarovski crystals are great options. Other fashion clothes you can add are belts, socks, stoles and brogues. It is advisable to team up these fashion clothes with a good pair of jeans.

Hats: These are considered the best fashion accessories for an evening event. They complete your casual attire. You can choose from a wide variety of hats such as baseball caps, flat hats, fun hats etc. Wear a wide-brimmed straw hat for summer evenings. Consider a visor for winter nights.

Will give you a casual look without over-the-top

Shoes: When it comes to shoes, do not think too much about your sneakers. Put some stylish pumps on. It will give you a casual look without being over-the-top. Also, try to team up your shoes with dressy jeans or skirts. If you are thinking of wearing evening dresses, then consider your footwear as well.

Accessories: You will not feel out of place if you carry along your favourite bag with you. Remember to carry handbags or wallets in your casual dressing. In case you have to carry formal designer bags, put them only in your coat pocket. Ties should also be kept aside in case you are called upon for a meeting or conference. Your hair and makeup kits can be placed in the special bag you keep at the back of your shirt.

Jewelry helps improve your personality

Jewelry: Do not think that wearing jewels in your casual clothes is a fashion no-no. Though some may say otherwise, but keep in mind the fact that jewels help in boosting your personality and give you that extra glamour. You can wear your earrings dangling from your ears. A fashionable bracelet can make you look extremely pretty. Consider gold and silver jewelries for your evening and summer dressing.

Fashion accessories are not restricted to ladies only. Men too need good fashion accessories to dress up their casual wear. Men’s neckties, sports jackets, casual shirts, jeans, sport shoes and shorts need to be chosen with care. The right kind of fabric and colours are important. Wear plain colours as a fall color. If you wish to team up your informal outfit with formal wear, then go ahead, but remember to choose a colour that suits your personality and goes well with the dress you are wearing.

When you dress casually, it does not mean you should skimp on the glamour. High fashion clothes can be worn to look suave and sophisticated. It all depends upon you, and how much you want to flaunt your personality. Whether you are going out with your friends to lunch or looking for a nice place to spend the night, you can achieve the look you are after by picking fashion clothes that suit your sense of style and wardrobe.


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