Add Some Contemporary Flair To Your Small Contemporary Bathroom

852 – If you are remodeling your small bedroom or bathroom and are looking for the right accessories to help make it look more spacious, then a small contemporary bathroom might just be right for you. A small contemporary bathroom isn’t necessarily small in terms of space. You’ll still be able to find many standard sinks in small bathrooms just as small as 8  x 10 . If your bathroom’s floor area is limited, though, you will want to choose a smaller model that utilizes wall space well to allow for plenty of storage space.

Simple Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space

In a small contemporary bathroom, you want to make the most use of every square foot. One simple way to maximize space is by using a double basin sink with a glass divider. This gives you twice the amount of sink room and, because the divider is clear, it makes the room appear less crowded than it actually is.

Another way to utilize every square foot in your small bathroom design is to pick a white bathroom sink and a small white or crystal vanity. These items will create the look of a larger space and draw the eye away from the tiny sink and vanity. Pick a white countertop or tile that matches the walls, ceiling, and fittings. Accent it with a small floral arrangement or a few white candles. If you really want to bring a small contemporary bathroom design to life, consider painting the walls a pale white color.

Perfect Contemporary and Minimalist Touch

The contemporary styling of touches and minimalism works perfectly in small contemporary bathroom design ideas. This timeless style mixes and matches many different touches to achieve the look of an organized space. One easy way to keep the modern aspect in this room is to choose timeless fixtures bathrooms that have beautiful metal or glass knobs and pulls. The metal will reflect light while the glass will add subtle sophistication.

You could also choose to purchase several black fixtures or white fixtures in interesting shapes and sizes. You could make your small contemporary bathroom appear more spacious by choosing black fixtures for the floor, walls, and ceiling. Or, if you would like to add a little interest to the room, you could choose several small black tiles. Or, you might want to use black tiles on one wall in the room instead of using white tiles throughout the rest of the room. Another option is to add a couple of white tiles on top of the black tiles on the wall. Black and white tiles are a great combination for bathrooms because they are both timeless and unique.

Use Elegant Wooden Furniture

In addition to using black fixtures and tiles, you could use some elegant wooden furniture to create a unique yet charming small contemporary bathroom. Choose furniture pieces that are at least one or two feet tall, with small, straight lines and a minimalist design. Since black is the color of infinity, you can use dark wood such as cherry, mahogany, or walnut. Or, you could use a lighter wood such as bamboo. For the lighting in your bathroom, you will definitely want to use recessed lights so that you can brighten up your tiny space without overwhelming it. A dimmer light can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

As you design your bathroom, remember to keep it neutral. Although the style of your bathroom may be unique, you should not change the neutral elements of your bathroom such as the color of the walls or the shower curtain. The color of the walls should match the color of your tile and the trim on the shower door. Likewise, the trim on the doors should be in a neutral, geometric design. The flooring, bathtub, and bath pillow should all have a similar geometrical pattern.

When it comes to shower curtains, you should consider a pattern such as stripes or checks. Or, you can choose a shower curtain in one color with subtle curves. The bath pillow should also have small touches of contrasting colors. Although you can have a modern, minimalist bathroom design, you should still keep in mind that a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style. With a few touches of your personality, you can easily turn your small bathroom into a contemporary bathroom.


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