How to Decorate in a Mid-Cermont Modern Bathroom

1018 – Mid-century modern is an incredibly gorgeous interior decorating style, and it’s well worth taking cues from it to bring out a vintage feel to your own bathroom. Go for ceiling lights that are shaped like worms or geckos, or for a chandelier with an animal tail on it. Choose rich colors like burgundy, hunter green, or creamy beige. Wall decoration is best with a mural of an ostrich or a moose. To complete the look, add a nice bathtub or shower and some luxurious amenities like taps, showers, and whirlpools.

Best Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Mid-century modern bathrooms can be a great example of mixing classic with modern design. To get a real feel for the era, use pale blue tiles for the walls and a white or cream tile for the bathroom countertop. Go for geometric shapes and bold colors like reds, blacks, and yellows. If you want a more traditional look, choose brown tiles or porcelain tiles instead of the more modernized white tiles.

The choice of flooring should reflect the design style as well. Floors that are patterned, painted, or stained will detract from the look, so stick to hardwoods like oak, walnut, or maple. In terms of interior wall coverings, the usual choices are wallpaper borders, which go great with a walnut or oak mid-century modern bathroom, but a plain wallpaper border is better left to the walls, since they will tend to stand out more. For color, the usual mid-century modern bathroom color scheme is usually between white and gray, so go for dark or dull colors like black, charcoal, or off-white.

The Importance of Placing Wall Paintings

Wall painting is another important element of a mid-century modern bathroom, since the walls will be the visible part of any room, so painting them carefully and tastefully will enhance the look. The classic choices are warm browns and rich earthy tones, but you can find modern paints that will fit into this look. The trick is to pick something that evokes the kind of ambience you’re going for, rather than giving it away. In this case, keep the theme simple. You don’t have to overdo it, just give it a certain air of mystery that will make the room seem more welcoming and open.

Linens such as towels, ceramic pottery, and ceramic or subway tile are also important in this type of bathroom. A great way to get the best of both worlds is to buy linens in the same color palette as the walls and baseboard, so they’ll match better. In mid-century modern bathrooms, this can be a tricky thing to do, as most of their sets are whitewashed and neutral. However, if you can’t find the right colors, you can always go with a solid, so that it doesn’t bleed into the background. This works especially well when using an accent wall, such as a row of subway tiles or a porcelain mural.

Popular Minimalist Medieval Design

Mid-century designers tended toward minimalism, which has become more popular since the fifties. Because this style is so widely followed today, the cabinets of this era tend to be bare, with only the baseboard and top of the mirror being decorated. Although this can make a traditional bathroom look dated, it also makes these cabinets ideal for bathrooms that aren’t focused on a specific aesthetic. If your goal is minimalism, then this era’s designs are definitely for you.

When it comes to color, this era went for pure white walls and a minimalist approach in other components of the room. Dark wood floors are a staple in any modern bathroom, although depending on the room, you can choose either matte or glossy finishes. If you have a smaller bathroom, then you can get away with just having a light painted wood floor. In a larger space, you’ll probably want a matte finish so the room will appear bigger and more open. If you have your heart set on gloss, then you can buy cabinets made from natural materials like walnut, which look great in black or white.

One element that you don’t see very often in modern bathrooms these days is bold, vivid color. The best color choices for this era were Terra cotta, brick, and other surfaces with a dark tone. You can add drama to an area by painting it a bright color, but be sure that you stay away from neon shades, which can sometimes clash with the furniture. If you do want a burst of color, then go with one of the neutrals mentioned above, or even go with browns, reds, tans, or other muted colors. However, if you really want something exciting in your mid-century modern bathroom, then you can opt for splashes of red or orange as long as they are tastefully done.


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