Planning Tips for Modern Mediterranean Living Room With a Classic Touch

1294 – When thinking about redecorating a Mediterranean home, one has to consider the materials that would be used. Metal is considered the best option, since it will match the rest of the furniture, the colors used in the area as well as the architectural design. Other options include wood and ceramic tiles. If you have enough budget, then you can opt for leather furniture. However, if your budget is low, then you can also go for fabric. The color palette that you can choose from includes soft pastels and rich floral colors.

Mediterranean Style Living Room Using Metal Interior Design

Another important aspect to focus on when planning an interior design for a Mediterranean family room is the use of metal. The selection of wrought iron and metal is excellent. The use of such materials will help you impart a Mediterranean feel to the entire family room. The most common Mediterranean colors are ochre, rust, olive, gray, cobalt blues and earthy terracotta, tumbled gold, chocolate brown and terracotta red. Tiled floors, gray and marbled walls, stone tile fireplace and beige backed furniture complete a perfect Mediterranean styled interior design for your family room or lounge.

While designing your home, keep the furniture classical. The use of modernist furniture and fixtures may be inappropriate for Mediterranean interior design. A good way to select modern items is to compare home interior design magazines with the sample pictures that you can find in the internet. This will allow you to explore different styles of furniture. However, if you cannot afford to buy new items, you can simply use accessories and make changes to the existing Mediterranean family room designs.

Best Furniture and Colors Mediterranean Design

Color is another important aspect of Mediterranean interior design. It is important that the color you choose complements the furnishings and the wall paint. You can opt for lighter and softer colors as they help to reflect light and add a touch of air to the room. On the other hand, you can also choose dark colors as they are great for reflecting more sunlight and have a cooling effect to the room. It is important that you choose a color according to the predominant colors in the Mediterranean environment. For instance, the dominant color used in landscapes is usually orange and it can be used effectively in the Mediterranean family room designs.

There are several different elements that you can explore in order to create wonderful Mediterranean family room interior design. The first step is to draw a floor plan that will help you see the whole layout of the room in the same view. It is important that the layout is like what you see in real life, with equal walls and ceiling, and has a larger kitchen and dining room areas. You can include a second bathroom if you have the space or you can use the existing bathrooms.


Once you have a clear idea of the size of the room and its layout on your floor plan, you can start to think about some of the features of the room such as the colors and the furniture. In most cases, a Mediterranean home has a warm and cozy feeling which is emphasized by heavy furniture and dark colors such as the Mediterranean brown color and the dark blue color used in floor coverings. Most families living in the Mediterranean area keep one color theme such as the use of mostly light blue and brown color for the living room and the use of dark green color in the dining room. For the bedrooms, the color scheme is mostly light or dark gray, brown, and camel colors.

Modern Furniture Living Room Design Tips

It is also important that the kitchen and dining room have light color themes as these are the areas where most family activities take place such as breakfast, preparing food for the day, and preparing the meals for the night. If you want modern family room designs, you can choose the double sink featuring stainless steel sink featuring geometric shapes. This will be an ideal focal point in your design. Another element you may consider adding in your modern design for the kitchen and dining room area is the baker’s rack – a feature that will provide an excellent display for your collection of antique or traditional ovens.

For more information about the elements you need to incorporate in your design, you may consult various Mediterranean home decoration books or visit the websites of top designer series projects. If you are new to this project, you may first try to use pre-built floor plans or you may look for free online clip art of the Mediterranean house plan. From there you can add your own touches. As mentioned earlier, a good planning is the key for any type of remodeling or home improvement task.


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