Shabby Chic Study Room

985 – If you are looking for a way to create a unique look that is both chic and comfortable then shabby chic study room furniture is the answer. This style of furnishing is all about the worn and weathered look of an old used book, a tattered tablecloth, or maybe some mismatched chairs. This unkempt look makes every space in your home feel comfortable and inviting.

Authentic Shaby Chic Decor

Shabby chic lends itself to lots of unique accessories so you can really make your studying area a special one. A mixture of French and Native American hand crafts can turn an average looking chair into an item of furniture that will elevate the look of any room. You can even find shabby chic table and chair sets that have beads and native American decor embedded in the legs so the entire set looks very authentic.

One of the things that really adds character to a room is the fabric on the furniture. Using shabby chic fabric like crepe paper adds a rustic country look that is comfortable and inviting. The same look can be achieved by using an antique white chair with a quilt on top. If you get an eyelet lace cloth to tie on the back, you can actually use this to create the same country look.

Accents are a big part of the shabby chic look, so you want to include pictures on the wall. Paintings or prints can add a wonderful personal touch. Even framed photos look fantastic and you can find shabby chic frames that are ready made or ones that you paint yourself. Even framed photos can be hung on the wall as art. This can make a nice room to unwind in after a long day at work. Even a painting or two of flowers can brighten up the room if you don’t want the room to be as formal as you may like.

How To Design a Shabby Chic Style

Add your personal touch with fabrics in the room. You can use throws and cushions for the chairs. Area rugs make great floor accent pieces. You can even find shabby chic rugs that match other pieces of furniture in the room. Use fabrics on the furniture that you love so that it has a similar look throughout the house.

Leave a lot of light in the room. This gives the room a relaxed atmosphere. Too much bright means a room that gets stuffy. Too much dark means a room that has a chill and depressing feeling. There are enough drama and color in a country style that there is no need to try to add drama and color with drapes and draperies. Leave plenty of light in the room so you can enjoy it.

Accents can be found throughout the house so you don’t have to knock out every wall in the room. Find other ways to display your accent items. A vase with flowers or a potted plant is an inexpensive way to display accent items without making a big impact. Remember, shabby chic is about letting the accent of the piece carry through to the room so you don’t overdo it.

Inspiration for Choosing Furniture

Take your time when selecting furnishings. Look at interior design magazines or shabby chic websites to get inspiration. Don’t buy everything you see right off the shelf because you don’t think it will match the look you are going for. You can create your own cozy little haven in your home with just a few carefully selected items.


Your shabby chic furniture should be comfortable but not luxurious. Choose pieces that have an old world charm to them. If your room has a low ceiling go with a low cedar desk. Choose rugs that have some texture to them like animal skin or rugs made of wool knits. Accent rugs look great on top of your sofa as well as between the pillows.

Tips for Combining Sabby Chic with Pastel Colors

Paint is a great way to pull your shabby chic theme together. Use pale pastel colors to start and you can add more colorful accents in various shades as you go. To transition from one shade to another always use coordinating accessories. For example, if you are using earth tones use wood framed furniture and if you are using reds and yellows then go with furniture that is red or orange framed.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. This room is for you so don’t feel as though you need to conform to any set rules. Just take the ideas that you love and build on them. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish by just being yourself.


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