Creating a Tropical Bedroom With Bright Colors and Transformed Furniture

811 – Want to feel like you are on an exotic island right away? Get even more tropical, get even more steamy, get all hot and bothered, while you are at home? Well, when it come to tropical bedroom decor, absolutely nothing can make your room feel more like an exotic island than a lush, gorgeous palm tree with plenty of greenery splashed across its branches, some exotic flowers dotted along the bed, and maybe some vibrant tropical colors thrown on the walls. You don’t have to worry about getting bitten byb your room. There are other features that go with tropical bedroom decoration that are just as,ed if not more, exciting and fun than a palm tree and a bunch of tropical flowers.

Tropical Bedroom Treatment Arrangements

The key to an incredible tropical bedroom set-up is the use of bold tropical colors paired with soft, neutral elements. You don’t have to use heavy blankets and ornate bed covers. In fact, the bed covers, pillow cases, window treatments, and even window tints should be very light and breezy to create an atmosphere that is truly off the beaten path. Using warm earth tones with earth tones in the furnishings, window coverings, window treatments, and even linens can help to create the perfect atmosphere for a tropical setting.

In tropical bedroom decor, you want to use a lot of light and a touch of green, which help to offset the richness of the deep colors. If you have your bedding done in bright, earth toned colors, then you can easily complement those colors with a few pillows of contrasting colors and a few shades of green or orange green. Add a few accent throw pillows in tropical style that is done in the same rich, earth toned fabric as your bedding and the look will be completed.

Elegant and Sturdy Tropical Bedroom Style Wooden Furniture

One aspect of the right tropical bedroom style is the use of heavy pieces of wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is both elegant and rugged, which creates a sense of solidity. If the bedding that you use in tropical bedroom sets is made from deep, rich colors, then a great way to bring some contrast is to find a wide wooden canopy that is in the same hue as the bedding and decorative pillows. A wide canopy is a great way to add height to the bed and create a romantic sense of intimacy.

For the walls, you can use prints to enhance the sense of depth and add interest. In tropical bedroom settings, one of the best things about using prints is that they are not limited to light colors, like the lighter greens and yellows that are so common in more traditional decorating. While darker colors work well in tropical prints, brighter colors are better used when creating a coastal theme. Bright, intense colors like yellows and reds are great choices for the walls and can be paired with more subtle pastels and a palette of lighter-colored, more tropical prints and furnishings.

Tips for Bringing Natural Feels in the Room

Another way to bring some sense of nature indoors is to use modern tropical bedroom done right. Often, when people think of tropical prints, they think of lush, big, lush tropical plants. This is fine, but when done well in a tropical style, the idea can be taken to an entirely different level. The problem with large, lush prints and plants is that they tend to be cold and harsh and have nothing against them other than their size. A much better approach is to use tropical flowers in tropical leaf wall art or small sculptures.

Because tropical bedroom settings tend to be warmer than other settings, another fun idea for incorporating nature inside the bedroom is to use bright colors and fabrics. Rich, bold colors such as orange and green can help to give the room an energetic flair. By contrast, pale, crisp lines and smooth, light fabrics can help to create a more airy, relaxing atmosphere. For example, one could go with a rich orange duvet cover and then accent it with tropical floral prints on the bedding and pillow shams. Another idea is to go with a solid white bedspread and fill it with a zebra print bed cover or some other animal print that can be bright and colorful, creating a tropical bedroom set that is both stylish and warm as well.

As you can see, there are many ways to take an ordinary, traditional bedroom setting and turn it into a beautiful tropical bedroom setting that will not only look great but also be great for you. Using bright colors, unique materials, and light, airy furniture is a great idea for adding a little bit of nature in your home. A few well placed tropical leaves on the walls as accessories can give you an indoor oasis that you will love to retreat to each day.


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