Tips For Designing a Small Scandinavian Bedroom

1301 – The design of a small Scandinavian bedroom can be very appealing for a couple or family on a budget. Scandinavian style design is perfect for small apartments because the design tends to be about the most effective ways to use the limited space available. Tall wardrobe units are almost in-built into the floorboard, which maximizes space in the room, while also giving the illusion of a longer room and more storage space within. Adding a bedside table and perhaps a nightstand would make the area feel even more snug, and make it easier to access storage spaces.

Steps for Decorating a Small Scandinavian Apartment

When decorating a small Scandinavian apartment, it is important to remember to keep the design functional. Scandinavian style elements tend to be very open, with little or no lines. Scandinavian interior design focuses on the flow of the furniture and windows to provide an illusion of space. This results in very clean lines, but with a very open feel. Clean lines are one of the hallmarks of a modern furniture design, and with Scandinavian interior design this is very easy to achieve.

When purchasing furniture for a small Scandinavian apartment, it is best to stick to neutral colors such as cream, grey, black or brown. Neutral tones enhance the size and shape of the furniture, rather than making the room feel cramped. As with a larger room, darker colors such as blue or black are best. A black leather sofa with a curved back is an ideal seating piece. The leather is textured and stands up well to the decorating efforts.

The Important Role of Lighting in Minimalist Design

Lighting plays an important role in minimalist design. Smaller light fixtures placed at key areas can really brighten the small of the room. Try and keep the light fixtures as minimal as possible, as more lights tend to make a room feel warmer. Using white walls will also enhance the minimalist feel of the bedroom. Crayon painted art hanging over a metal frame is a nice touch for a minimalist bedroom.

Colors are always important, as they dictate how the room feels. Using a monochromatic color palette in a Scandinavian interiors can add a nice touch. Use dark hues for the walls, and light hues for the ceiling to enhance a sense of intimacy.

Make The Bedroom Feel Light and Airy

Another way of making the bedroom feel light and airy is the use of mirrors. A mirror can be mounted above the bed to reflect the opposite wall, or to add depth to the bedroom. Mirrors are great because they not only reflect light, but they can be a focal point in their own right. Another nice effect that mirrors can bring is the illusion of having more space in the bedroom. By adding a mirrored headboard, you can make the small of the bedroom seem larger.

When looking at window treatments and light fixtures, it is important to remember that the ceiling is the bottom half of the window. Therefore, it is wise to look for treatments that accentuate the ceiling, as well as the other half. Consider adding an ornate patterned blind above the window, as this can balance the dark wood of the bedroom with light colored window coverings. Another idea is to use blinds or curtains on either side of the bed. The curtains will help to block out the morning sun, and the blinds will keep the morning sun from getting in your eyes when you sleep.

Once you have worked out your color scheme and have picked your wall paint color, you are ready to pick your furniture. Most Scandinavians decorating their bedrooms select plain looking furniture with straight lines and colors. In order to add a touch of design and elegance to the room, choose pieces with a curved shape or scroll work. You could also consider buying handcrafted wooden pieces, such as matching tables and shelves. These items will provide a wonderful focal point in the room, and the end result will be a stylish and unique Scandinavian master bedroom.


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