Mid Century Modern Furniture – A Guide To Making Your Selection


Exproperti.com – The Mid-Century Modern Library is an appropriate backdrop for a number of decorating ideas for your home or office. This classically-styled home decorator’s style was originally developed in Germany and exhibits a sleek sensibility with a strong dose of practicality. The common Mid-Century Modern Library will often be distinguished by its front paneled glass construction. This type of library is a modern classic. It will add a touch of classic sophistication to your study area, and is also suitable as an art gallery.

Ideal Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

This Mid-Century Modern bookcase is ideal for storing bound manuscripts and printed materials. It sits atop the corresponding vertical storage cabinet and should never be utilized alone. Placed in a home or office, it is a work of art that will complement your other furnishings and compliment the ambiance you want to create.

In keeping with the materialistic, “I want everything beautiful and new,” concept, this mid-century modern bookcase was designed with a hardwood veneer front featuring scalloped edges. These shelves are available in various sizes to accommodate various volumes. They are usually fitted with open or enclosed bookcases that are capable of securely storing paperbacks, manuals, bound manuscripts, and more. Some models have recessed panels which contain hinges for a smooth, simple look. A few shelves are covered with thin, clear glass to provide light and a view of the contents.

Mid Century Modern Bookshelf Benefits

This mid-century modern bookcase is functional for both book storage and display purposes. Packed with organizational compartments, it provides ample space for one book alone. This is an ideal solution for a student who needs to save books in a convenient place. The clear glass shelves are also ideal for viewing textbooks and binders.

This mid-century modern bookcase has an intricate design, highlighted by a curved, glass-enclosed center piece. It is made of rectangular steel and finished with a black, powder-coated finish. A single, double, or triple layer shelf is available, each with its own locking mechanism. Padded, wire-folded dividers provide cover and protection from scratches. A storage lock is installed in each cubicle. The metal of these bookcases is finished with a black, powder-coated finish.

Popular Materials From Modern Bookshelves

This bookcase is perfect for storing shoes, boots, and accessories such as jewelry. One side features a mirrored inset and a shelf protector. The bookcase’s interior features one or two drawers while the larger, double-walled side contains a mirror. These are ideal bookcases for individuals with limited floor space. They stack up easily and take up very little room.

This one-piece bookcase can be purchased in a variety of materials including wood, metal, and clear plastic. A clear plastic model is ideal for a student who wants his or her books to be visible but does not want them to be weighted down. Another great option is a metal bookcase, which can coordinate with a wide variety of colors in a student’s curriculum. A metal bookcase may have a mirrored inset or a single, double, or triple drawer. The bookcase’s dual-sided shelves offer a variety of options, from standard to tiered and even stacked.

The bookcase discussed above is among the many that are available in a mid-century modern style. Other popular options are those that features art deco-inspired designs, glass panel bookcases, and bookcase models that are reminiscent of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The main difference between these bookcases is their material and how they were constructed. While glass and metal are common, there are some bookcases that are constructed from reclaimed lumber and feature wrought iron features. Each of these bookcases is an individual creation and each showcases a new trend in mid-century modern furniture.


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