Shabby Chic Decor For the Family Room

792 – Take a further look at this shabby chic family room design! Decorated in a rustic, ocean-inspired style, this cozy room is perfect for celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Traditional grey-pink curtains and grey-tinted walls help the eye-grabbing, weathered yet exciting Classen Fresco Adventure Line laminate flooring to really stand out! This family room design comes complete with the following accessories: a coffee table, end tables, and wall shelf. Complete this coastal look with some wicker end tables and sea shells on the mantelpiece.

Shabby Chic Family Room Design is Perfect

This shabby chic family room design is perfect for families with children as well as anyone who just love to feel the warmth of a home. The living room and dining area are both featured in this decor. This is a great place to host housewarming parties, birthdays, showers, and other celebrations. The decor uses country charm in the form of rustic wood and weathered fabrics along with distressed and aged wood furniture pieces.

To create this shabby chic family room decor, start out by selecting a color palette that you love. You can easily change out paint colors when you find one you really like. This family room has a natural, earthy feel. One idea for the room’s decor is to complement the walls with a sofa and coffee table that are both brown. Add wooden candle holders and floral arrangements (well lit or not) to the family room’s rug. The family’s rug would also make a great accent wall as well as featuring an accent color.

Shabby Chic Family Room Decor Idea

In this shabby chic family room decor idea, opt for a weathered look to the furniture items and fabrics. Vintage pieces will add a worn or creased look to the room. This theme will work well in the living room or dining room but may need to be updated when the children move out and a new generation takes over.

Using an oil painting or prints in the family room will also add the relaxing, natural light effect. framed art is always a great focal point. Art collectors will appreciate framed photos or prints as well. Place a couch or chair in front of a large window where the view can be spectacular, open the doors for natural light to flow in through.

Tips for Creating a Family Room Atmosphere

This shabby chic family room decor idea is a great way to relax. To set the mood, light some candles in the shape of leaves or candles, and play some gentle music in the background. Then, close off the windows so only the glow of the candles can shine through. Scatter colorful throw pillows across the floor. You don’t have to follow any conventional color scheme; you can make your room yours!

You can add drama to your room by having old photographs frame or hang as artwork. The use of these items is very much in character with this shabby chic style. It would be a good idea to include a few plants as well in this theme, such as red roses in a pot. This will add a touch of color and life as well as adding some botanical benefits. Your flowers can be placed on top of a natural wood flooring or marble.

The shabby chic decorating theme is very popular with families and individuals who want to relax. This decor style is a great way to bring color into an otherwise dull room. Making the most out of a plain, hardwood floor, wall art, and candles gives the room an inviting look. With just a few changes, you can create a beautiful room that anyone would love to spend time in. You can also use this decorating style in your living room or even in your guest room if you are a frequent visitor. Try to make this look a part of your family heirloom and pass it down to future generations as well.


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