Small Asian Living Room Decorating Ideas


Exproperti.comSmall Asian Living Room Decorating ideas are a great way to brighten up your home while adding some diversity. We often hear the beautiful architecture, beautiful colors and exotic fabrics from countries like India and China, but most of us never stop to consider how these traditions fit into the scheme of our own homes. By creating small spaces where we can live comfortably with minimal exposure to the fast-paced world, we can give ourselves a chance to experience the beauty and culture of the small places where we live. By bringing these little corners of the world to life through beautiful furniture and Asian accents, we can make our homes feel larger than they really are. Here are some small Asian living room decorating ideas that will help you make your small space brighten up in a wonderful way.

Understanding Color Decoration in Asian Theme Room

The first thing that you need to do is understand the importance of textures in your space. Take some time to look at various Asian pieces in magazines or online and see how they are decorated. What kinds of textures do you like? Some people like a mixture of textures, while others prefer a very clean look that is free of clutter. You will have to experiment with textures to figure out what will best suit your home.

Once you have decided on the right look for your Asian room, then you can think about colors. When working with small spaces, one of the most important things to remember is that the walls must be the most prominent feature of the room. If you have light colored walls, your Asian room will look dull and lifeless. In contrast, if your walls are dark, your Asian room will seem cozy and inviting.

Tips for Showing Natural Themes

Asian room decorating also involves carefully choosing the right fabrics. Cotton fabrics are popular for rooms featuring a more naturalistic theme, such as the Asian country side. But if you have decided to use more oriental touches, you can consider using silk fabrics. Oriental rugs can make a big difference in tying together the different design elements of your Asian room.

Smaller rooms where you are decorating will need accessories that are more streamlined. There are plenty of different accessories that can be used for small spaces that are easy to move around, but still sophisticated and stylish. Consider using traditional Chinese pottery for your Asian room. These pieces can add an elegant touch to a room, while also being very functional because they are not too big to take up much room.

Using the Best Asian Style Artwork

When it comes to using Asian style artwork in a small space, always be careful about the materials you choose. Try to go with pieces made from pieces that are light in weight. Think about using bamboo art, rather than glass pieces. This way, your Asian living room decorating will be easy to transition into and out of.

Small Asian decorating can be done by using small wall hangings and pictures to help you design a unique look for your room. A nice choice for this type of room decorating is hanging picture books on the walls. This is a great way to add some character to the walls while still staying within the Asians theme of simplicity and light. You could also consider hanging a large mirror on one of the small walls, so that you can see yourself from every angle.

Asian inspired home decorating does not have to limit your imagination. Try a few different ideas to get a feel for what you like. When it comes to using these ideas in a new space, make sure you go with your gut when doing so. If something doesn’t work, don’t keep from trying something else. This is the beauty of home decorating, no matter what your style, you can always change it and make it your own.


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