Interior Design Ideas for Small Contemporary Living Rooms

866 – The art of living in small spaces is a challenging but not impossible task. It just requires some thought, creative thinking and careful shopping. There are many ways to turn the little of a space in your home into something extraordinary. Here are some ideas for transforming your small contemporary living room into something spectacular.

Considerations For Using Window Sills

Use Window Sills. Remember that even with a small contemporary living room, always use functional and smart glass-enclosed window sills. Not only will they enhance the architectural lines of the room by enclosing the walls in a frame-like structure, they can also be used to store or hide things as well as add a decorative touch. A window sill can even be turned into an elegant reading or sitting area; the narrow space beneath the sofa could be a nice storage, or even a place to display your favorite books. If you want, you can even use the same style of window sills that you use on your kitchen windows, which will give you a similar look and save space.

Transform Your Living Room Into A Potted Greenery Garden. A small contemporary living room doesn’t have to mean a barren, cold floor. By choosing a sofa with a green accent, you can create a small garden right on your sofa. Add potted greenery to your walls and a potting bench to your coffee table. Or use potted plants that coordinate with your color scheme to create a natural and inviting atmosphere.

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Living Room

Use A Rug Instead Of A Coffee Table. When given the option between a sofa and a coffee table, many people would choose the sofa over the table. A small and simple rug, or an area rug, creates a conversation starter and can even help keep you warm in the cold months. Rugs for a small contemporary living room can be found in any size you need, although smaller rugs are often good for a child’s area.

Use Modern Color Scheme And Furniture. Smaller modern living rooms should be as much about the Furniture you use as the color scheme. Choose bold geometric and abstract pieces that stand out in an earthy color scheme. Look for pieces with interesting textured designs and elegant hardware.

Use Spacious Clutter-Free Walls. Living rooms are best suited to a clean, open feel. You want to open up the walls and allow light to come in. While this can be accomplished with contemporary design elements, it also means more clutter! To combat clutter, use contemporary design accents that are subtle and do not block the view.

Easy Ways to Decorate Walls

Wall Decor And Surrounding Art. The walls of a small contemporary living room should be bare and uncluttered. The color scheme should be neutral and complementary. You can pull the look off easily if you choose rich wall art and furniture with a texture and color that complement your wall color scheme. You can also use soft cushions on the furniture and add interesting accents like crystal lampshades and wall decor.

Accessorize with Contemporary Accessories. When you create a contemporary space, remember to accessorize. Look for small, well-crafted pieces of art that complement your wall color schemes. Look for interesting knickknacks, vases and candles. Remember to keep your accent’s simple, without being simplistic.

Use Boho Rugs and Pillows. A great way to accessorize is with both rugs and pillows. These throw pillows are made from thick wool, have a natural charm and a colorful, unusual look. Consider using rugs in different sizes, shapes and colors. Oriental rugs are especially chic and can go great with small living rooms.

Best Design Ideas for Interior

Design Ideas for Interiors. Great design ideas for interiors are inspired by nature. Look for eco-friendly products, such as wool throws, earth-friendly rugs and knick-knacks that have a southwestern or Native American design. Create a comfortable space that features an earth color palette and lots of southwestern touches.

Create a modern style living space by using bold color palettes, minimal furnishings and contemporary accessories. If you want to add drama to the design, choose art Deco mirrors that reflect a sunny disposition. Look for a sofa with a geometric frame and a bold, padded back that is comfortable and modern. Look for art Deco lighting that has a touch of southwest flair. Look for interesting pieces on sale at online small home stores and other retailers.


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