5 Effective Minimalist Furniture Tips


Exproperti.com – Minimalist furniture describes the minimalist aesthetic principles of interior design that stress simplicity and functionality in interior decor. It’s mostly achieved through the utilization of simple, geometric forms and functional yet beautiful interior objects and furniture. The main aim of minimalist design is to create a room with a strong focus on form and function, without excess ornamentation. Minimalists generally adhere to a number of practical design principals such as functionality, visual flow and visual balance.

Arranging Minimalist Furniture Colors And Textures

With minimalist furniture, it’s possible to create spacious and open spaces, even in smaller rooms and living spaces. This type of design is great for creating rooms which feel more spacious and airy because minimalist furniture creates optical illusions of large space. The great way to make these rooms look bigger is by arranging furniture in complementary colors or textures, along with using color schemes which are either monochromatic or multi-colored.

Minimalist home furniture gives an appearance of space, yet provides enough storage space, making it ideal for a small home. For instance, contemporary minimalists such as those created by the Danish furniture designer Ole Kirk Christiansen are very sleek and light in design, with very simple lines and geometric appearances. This is evident in their forms and shapes, where there is little sign of any ornamentation. In terms of materials used, most pieces are made from either glass or metal. Because of the lack of ornate designs, modern furniture such as these gives a minimalist look but also adds functionality.

Create a Minimalist Interior Tips

One great way to create a minimalist interior is by using solid colors on the walls, while having a very simple floral or other decorative theme. As a result, the room will appear much larger than it really is. Another idea is to use a color scheme which complements your furnishings. For example, if you have a brown leather sofa, you could use a soft fabric or shade of green that would work well together with the browns and other hues found in the room.

Using Minimalist Furniture for Your Kitchen Island The kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in the house, as it is used day after day for everyday meals, drinks and more. With this in mind, there is no reason why your kitchen should not be furnished with great looking minimalist furniture. One of the best ideas to achieve this goal is to create a slick and minimalist look with the use of stainless steel appliances. These will go well with the stark white cabinets and counters that are common in minimalist kitchens. In order to create a truly clean look, you can compliment the stainless appliances with a black metal microwave and perhaps a granite countertop for added style.

Using Bold and Bright Colors

Aesthetics play a big role in the creation of a minimalist home furniture look, so keep that in mind when shopping for your new furnishings. Minimalists strive for simplicity and clarity, so a focus on basic lines and colours will produce beautiful results. Consider utilising bold and bright colours where appropriate. For example, instead of going with the more usual shades of grey and white, opt for more unusual and striking colours such as hot pink, neon green or even an abundance of red. In terms of textures, consider minimalist furniture with no accessories. The idea is to create a homey environment without cluttered results.

The kitchen is a place where a lot of food is prepared, so this is another area that needs to be furnished in order to create a minimalist home furniture look. Clean lines and plenty of storage space are the hallmarks of minimalist furniture. In this case, stainless steel appliances are the best option since they are sleek and minimalist. Alternatively, you could opt for granite counters or a glass countertop in order to create a unique look. If you have a bar in your home, then using glass tops and stainless steel appliances for food preparation are both practical and stylish. Other great minimalist furniture ideas include a wall mounted oven, a fridge free of frills, a minimalist dining table and chairs and sofas without any embellishments.

Floor lamps can add a unique and classy finishing touch to minimalist furniture. A floor lamp made from wrought iron or ceramic and embellished with crystal can be both elegant and chic. Opt for a floor lamp that either mirrors or reflects light in an upward or downward direction, depending on the mood. It’s important to avoid floor lamps that have cluttered, busy finishes or are large and bulky. With a minimalist style, a small floor lamp will be just as effective as a huge and intricate one. Remember to place floor lamps wherever they are useful and see-through so that you can see the beautiful effect they have on your space.


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