How to Design a Tropical Dining Room

841 – The tropical dining room is an ideal setting to enjoy the best of both worlds – nature and style. Dining in a tropical setting is like no other. Whether you are having lunch with friends or family, or having an intimate dinner with your partner, dining in a tropical garden paradise is a treat for everyone. To create this effect you must employ some careful thought and consideration into the furniture and accessories you choose to compliment your tropical dining room and ensure that they are complementary.

Creating the Ideal Tropical Dining Room

One of the key characteristics of a tropical dining room is the colour palette and lighting. A darker shade of green creates an intimate, natural feeling and is a good fit for a tropical dining room with a formal feel. Bright, bold walls also contribute to this feeling of openness and create an ideal tropical dining room for informal gatherings.

In the current environmental trend, homeowners are trending towards environmentally friendly products and accessories. For this reason, bright, bold and lively colours such as red, green and yellow are being used more frequently in new furnishings and interior design. Use these same colours in the fabrics and wall coverings you use to create your tropical dining room and ensure that your guests enjoy a warm welcome and a sense of energy as you set out on a tropical vacation. This will add zest and fun to your special day and help you create memories that will last a lifetime. By creating a tropical living room, you can create the perfect setting for entertaining your friends and family.

For the walls, consider using printed wallpaper to feature a vibrant colour scheme. Or why not opt for a coloured pattern on the walls? Consider an abstract style that incorporates flowers, butterflies and seascapes that would fit in well with the natural surroundings. For a more traditional tropical dining room decor, consider a tropical safari print that would look great printed on the walls along with a wall tapestry that features a zebra or leopard.

Inspirational Tips for Choosing Floors in a Tropical Dining Room

As with the dining room, the flooring in your tropical dining room should be bold and lightweight so it is easy to wipe clean. Consider using hardwood such as bamboo or rattan for the floor. However, if you are going for a more tropical look you may want to consider using a rubberised solution for the floor. You could also opt for brightly coloured carpeting but take care that it is not made from synthetic materials as this can be easily washed away in the rain.

When choosing furniture, opt for sturdy, solid and well-crafted pieces that have a natural look to them. If you are going for a formal dining room design, then solid wood pieces with flat or polished surfaces are best. For more tropical dining room ideas, you can use rattan furniture as well as other types of natural furniture.

Using the Right Furniture for a Tropical Dining

You can add a tropical dining room table and chairs in the room with some carefully chosen tablecloths and napkins. When selecting table cloths, remember that there are some very formal dining room table cloths available that have elaborate floral patterns and colours. Alternatively, you may wish to choose plain table cloths so that you can free up the majority of your dining room space for other furniture such as a tropical bar set or a nice table and chairs set. In addition to table cloths, you may want to consider the type of chair that you purchase. For example, while you may prefer a pair of chairs with a solid wood base, chairs with cushions are perfect for tropical dining rooms as they will provide you with extra seating pleasure when entertaining.

To complete your dining room, it is a good idea to purchase a few storage items to store away your meals and snacks in. This can be done using wicker baskets or with a few specially made tropical style chest bags. If you are looking for something a little more specific, there are some wonderful tropical style dish racks available that will allow you to stack trays, plates and forks on a shelf or under a table. These types of storage chests will also allow you to organize your dishes at an eye catching level. Remember, you are looking for a tropical style, so be sure to select the right pieces to go with your tropical dining rooms.


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