7 Ideas For Creating the Best Accessories and Decor for Your Favorite Tropical Bathhouse


exproperti.comA favorite tropical bathhouse is one which will capture the interest of even the most stoic of travelers. With its high vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams, a tropical theme can easily lend itself to a bathroom remodel. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider incorporating a tropical style into your design. Here are several ideas for tropical-inspired bathroom designs:

Shower curtains will add to the beauty of your bathroom decor

Tub with a Back Splash – Imagine the joy on your guests’ faces when they see this unusual shower curtain adds to the decor of their new bathroom. The tub looks like it’s going to fall over the edge! When the curtain is down, the curtain rod just pulls back out of the tub to form a waterfall effect. The “falling” tub curtain rod can be adorned with hand held shower accessories such as soap dishes and holders.

Ceiling to Wall Mirror – Hang a mirror on the wall behind the toilet, to create a fun “mirror room”. Using a wall-mounted shower curtain rod, hang three mirrors – one each in the “falling” pattern above the tub. A waterfall shower door mirror can also be added in this room, to complete the look.

Tips for choosing the color palette of the island color

Island Color palette – A tropical bathhouse should reflect the owner’s true colors and personality. Choose a calming, island color palette such as aqua, turquoise, pink, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, gray, and other tropical tones. The colors will match your tropical towels and bathmat, and your bathroom will literally be a “shoreside paradise”.

Tropical Bath Towels – Select towels in tropical patterns and designs for a truly tropical look. You’ll love how the colors and textures meld together – it’s like the towels are “alive” and the bathtub is “fish.” Many people choose light-colored, linen towels with dark-toned shades or bold print designs. For a truly tropical look, try a linen towel with an “antique” look to it. Try adding a white or cream-print shower curtain, and a bamboo or rattan side table for a tropical style that is truly yours.

Use tropical tiles all over the room

Tropical Tiles – For a true tropical style, use tropical tiles throughout the room. You can use them on the floors and walls, but also on window sills, shower doors, and cabinet fronts. These tiles come in many vibrant colors and patterns, so you can get a truly unique look for your bathroom. And there are also many types of tiles that are ideal for use outdoors. Tile shapes vary, too. You can find square, rectangular, round, oval, and even tumbled stones, and so on.

Choose the right lighting

Lighting – One of the easiest ways to change the mood of a room is by choosing the right lighting. With the light focused on the tiles and the other design elements in the room, you can add a touch of drama. You can dim the lights or turn them up very bright. This will draw your eyes away from those unflattering features of the bath and will give you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your enjoyment.

Accessories and Decor – You can accessorize your tropical theme in all sorts of interesting and creative ways. You can create a theme room all by yourself, or find items and accessories that will go well with your home. For example, you can buy tropical wall art that can be hung on your walls. You can also add large stuffed parrots to your bird cage. Or get bamboo plants that you can place on your tropical coffee table. Remember to have fun with decorating and be creative – you’ll end up with a unique and wonderfully themed home that you’ll love to come back to!


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