Southwestern Decor For a Small Rustic Apartment

834 – Deco entry home and small rustic apartment with traditional wood and earthy decorative items. If often be a common theme for the chic, southern country style, occasionally also known as “rustic”, it’s the presence of wooden furniture. Wood is ubiquitous in rustic decor of the style through walls, floors, doors, fixtures and furniture. When used in small rustic apartment, the effect can be completed with earth tones such as yellow ochre, burnt orange, burnt cork and red ground cover.

Good Combination Small Rustic Apartment

Using a variety of natural wood articles with earth tones helps to create the warm earthy tones, which are such an important aspect of rustic decor. Using a variety of natural wood articles helps to create warm earthy tones, which are such an important aspect of rustic decor. A good combination is using stone wall decor with earth tones, or stone furnishings with earth-tone fabrics, such as shingles, corrugated plastic and other textiles. Try it on your small rustic apartment, and you’ll see how this adds so much to your overall look.

The main focal point of any small rustic apartment will need to be the door. For this reason, we recommend a large mirror, perhaps one with an antique frame. Try to choose one that has a texture and color that blend with the area. A large mirror is ideal in giving your small rustic apartment a well-balanced and complete appearance. Your rustic entry way will bring in the earth and your decorating theme.

Small rustic apartment will want a lot of earthy, wood accents. Wood and stone flooring is a great combination for any location. Stone floors add a wonderful, warm and inviting feel. You may want to include ceramic tile throughout your small rustic apartment entrance furniture. Plaster and mosaic tile patterns work well also.

Tips for Adding a Suitable Rustic Style Floor

Rustic style flooring is a wonderful addition to any room. We recommend adding wooden shingles to the floors of at least one room in your home. Adding wooden shutters to your doors adds a beautiful touch to your rustic style doors and can give them a very authentic look. You may also wish to install a small rustic style light fixture on each door; these are perfect for lighting up your small entrance hallway. A few hanging lamps placed around the area also add a lovely glow to your rustic style bedroom and living room.

Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home, so you will want to spend some time choosing your rustic studio apartment living room decor ideas. The color palette should include pale warm colors like beige, creme, and white. Dark wood floors will provide a welcoming and warm feeling to your bedroom. Wall art, needlepoint projects or large paintings all make beautiful additions to your bedroom decor.

How to Choose Rustic Decoration Ideas

Your kitchen and dining areas will also need some consideration when choosing your rustic decor ideas. Rustic kitchen cabinets should be chosen with care. Try to stay away from dark painted cabinets as they will usually not blend well with the other fixtures in your kitchen. A simple solution is to use a beautiful butcher block countertop with some distressed finish on the front. Rustic country-style cabinetry can be tastefully displayed in your rustic deco entrance or kitchen area.

Rustic living room decor ideas for a small apartment include choosing interesting accessories to accentuate your cozy area. Large ceramic tiles on the walls can be used to make your small cozy entrance complete. You can also choose to add a natural stone fireplace to your cozy patio area. Small wood floor racks can be added to a wood floor in your entryway for storage. To finish off your cozy country decor, you can choose an antler chandelier and decorative wall sconces. These small elements of southwestern flair will help to give your rustic apartment a chic look that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors!


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