3 Tips For Modern Bohemian Decor


Exproperty.com – If you are planning to decorate your home in the bohemian style, you should incorporate some eclectic art into the decor. Not only does this add a playful element to the room, but it also adds meaning to the wall decor. Grouping imagery with vivid color palettes is one way to achieve this look. Also, you can place found objects on the walls to give it more of a personal touch. If you are unsure of where to begin, follow these simple tips for creating the perfect modern bohemian room.

Fun and Easy Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian decor is often associated with colorful, over-the-top, and boisterous decor. These stereotypes are outdated, however. Modern bohemian decor is a funky, playful and comfortable design concept. Interior designer Leanne Seibold says that the aesthetic is comfortable and combines feng shui elements with colorful objects. Similarly, vintage rental company owner Katie Schiltz describes this style as “fun and easy.”

If you’re planning to decorate your home in the bohemian style, you should remember that you don’t need to completely throw out all your current style. If you already have some pieces of furniture, you can use them to add bohemian flair to them. Wallpaper can also add a subtle but effective touch of bohemian flair. If you are considering decorating your home in this style, you should keep in mind these three tips.

Natural materials are a great way to add a unique, modern edge to your home. Using leather to decorate your living room or bedroom can be a smart choice, as it offers a sophisticated finish. Adding a mini suede sofa or bench in the bedroom can add elegance to the room while also adding a unique, earthy feel. For added texture, use textures that are made of natural fibers, such as rattan, and a variety of different colors.

A Choice of Colorful Rugs for a Modern Bohemian Room

Choose a colorful rug for your modern bohemian space. It should match the rest of your decor. You can mix and match the colors and fabrics to achieve the right effect. The color of the rug should match the wall color and be complementary to the other furniture. Alternatively, the furniture should not have a neutral background, because the neutral color will be too stark and won’t complement your neutrals. The natural color of the rug can be accentuated with a bold print of flowers or a brightly-colored print.

The colors and materials in modern bohemian spaces should reflect the earthy tone. Several natural materials are suitable for this style. You can incorporate wicker baskets and rattan chairs to bring an authentic feel to your living room. For extra flair, you can also include chic woven baskets on the wall for additional storage. Lastly, you should always have plants in your home. Not only do they provide visual interest, but they are also healthy for your home.

You should use a variety of materials and colors in your modern bohemian decor. Various textures, materials, and colors will add to the uniqueness of your home. To create a modern bohemian look, you should focus on patterns, colors, and textiles. You can mix and match rugs, and pillows. You should also use colorful rugs. These are among the most attractive and authentic elements in modern bohemian decorations.

Combining Modern Bohemian Decoration Colors and Materials

Modern bohemian decor should be a mix of colors and materials. You can mix colors and patterns that complement each other well. A rug with a pattern is a good addition for your living room. You should also use a statement plant in the center of the room. Moreover, you should try to avoid using furniture with a lot of geometric shapes. You should also be careful about the amount of light that you let shine on your home.

While you can choose a neutral color scheme for the living room, you should try to incorporate brightly colored fabric and vibrant accent colors. Soft, neutral colors will make your space look more stylish and sophisticated. You can use some of these colors as a base for the rest of your modern bohemian decor. You can also use jewel tones and use brightly-colored accents to make your living room pop. You can even combine them if you want to create an unusual room.


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