Add Some Complexion to Your Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

849 – One of the latest trends in interior design is Bohemian living room decor. The Bohemian look is characterized by bold, earthy tones and patterns. Bohemian living rooms typically contain an earthy stained glass lampshade on the wall, a lava lamp in the shape of a bird, and a natural fiber table and chairs. These are popular Bohemian living room decor ideas and design schemes for you to start on making your own Bohemian home! You can create this look in any room in your home: the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, even the entertainment room! There are no rules when it comes to Bohemian living room design, so feel free to let your imagination go wild.

Bohemian Living Room Decorating Styles

Let’s look at some of the more popular Bohemian living room decorating styles. The first is the look with a patterned rug. Many people love the checkered look because it adds an eclectic touch to the room, but Bohemian style living rooms also benefit from the different tones of the patterned rug. This combination of the patterns and the rug tones adds interest, color, and depth to the room.

Another common Bohemian living room decorating style is to incorporate houseplants into the design scheme. House plants are very popular in Bohemian circles, because many people believe that the Earth gives us energy and that living in the outdoors helps you to be more aware of yourself. In this decorating style, you will use potted houseplants that are made out of organic materials, such as wood or branches. You can use potted red roses on a wall in the kitchen or you can use potted African violet on the wall in the bedroom. Both of these potted plants bring a unique beauty to your home.

Bohemian Living Room With A Bold Touch

A Bohemian living room is all about color scheme and bringing a splash of color into your surroundings. You can choose bold colors like orange, lime green, burnt orange, etc. and then complement those colors with interesting artwork, antiques, vintage pieces, paintings, candles, and more. Decorating your home in this fashion gives you a stylish place that has a laid back atmosphere. You have more freedom when it comes to adding accessories to this style of decorating.

When you go with the Bohemian living room style, it’s important that you match the pieces with your existing furnishings. You should keep in mind that this style is all about eclectic design and so you need to choose pieces that go with each other. You can for example, use an old sash window in the dining room, but you can also use vintage accessories. For a more earthy look, try to choose earth tones such as brown, terracotta, and gray. To add warmth to the room you can add reds and browns to the walls, while using earth colors on the floor and furniture. You can then layer in more organic pieces like a ceramic bowl or a wooden rocking chair.

Decor Ideas for Bohemian Living Rooms

This Bohemian look really works well if you choose pieces that are in neutral tones. So instead of going for bold colors, choose neutrals like white, beige, brown, tan, and black. These colors give you the versatility you need. If you want to add a little more texture to the space, then you can choose items with a textured finish such as polished concrete, distressed wood, or tiles. With these decor ideas for Bohemian living rooms you can be sure that you get all the versatility you need.

Other great Bohemian living room decor ideas for the family room include rustic rugs and wall hangings. Rugs in natural tones like browns, tans, and golds work well because they add warmth and a sense of community to the space. And since Bohemian decor is about being eclectic, the rugs you choose should also vary from traditional patterns, to tribal designs, to abstract patterns. Some people even use rugs with unusual shades and textures like animal hide or leather.

If you have a smaller room then you might want to think about painting one wall in a bright color and the other in a neutral shade. Neutral colors will help the space blend together and also give you a wider variety of options. The last element you need in your Bohemian living room is a decorative piece. Glass jars and bowls will give you a nice touch and the key is to keep everything very minimalistic. By keeping all the clutter to a minimum you open up space on all levels, so by keeping things very minimal you also end up with a feeling of peace and tranquility.


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