How to Create a Victorian Study Room at Home

285 – If you are looking to create a Victorian study room at home, then there are a few key features that need to be considered. These include color, decorative woodwork, and furniture.

Victorian Style Interior Design is Popular Because of its Luxury

Victorian interior design became popular because it offered opulence for the middle class, as well as a chance to express individual style. It also incorporated trends from Asia and Northern Africa into its decor and design. Walls in a Victorian study room were often bright and ornate, but they also needed to be practical. Check over walls, wooden mouldings and flooring to ensure that they are sound and smooth before you start any painting or wallpapering.

Crown moldings were a common feature of Victorian homes and were constructed from several profiles, arranged to create a decorative design. They were carved and painted to add interest, especially in the corners of rooms and around fireplaces. In addition to decorative trim, a victorian study usually featured an exposed ceiling, which was often adorned with gilded or patterned ironwork. A Victorian study may also have a chair rail, installed 30′′ to 42′′ from the floor to prevent damage to plaster walls by chairs.

Wallpapers were a common feature of a Victorian study, and they were typically decorated in what was called French style. Designs featured large floral patterns and trompe l’oeil effects. You can get a great look by using a hardwood floor that is dark and well-finished. Wood floors that are painted or stained a deep colour will help your room look and feel more spacious and luxurious.

Adding a Victorian Touch to a Study Room

You can also give your study a real touch of the past by putting wood panelling on the walls. This will give a dramatic effect and give your Victorian study the wow factor it needs. If you want to add a touch of Victorian style to your study room, consider investing in some furniture that reflects the period. Rather than purchasing cheap factory-made pieces, look for hand-carved wood items that are sure to give your space some charm.

Chaise lounges are a popular piece of furniture that will fit in well with a Victorian decor scheme. They feature dramatic curves, engraved wood and delicate floral patterned fabrics. A Victorian desk is another great way to incorporate the era into your study space. This Amish Victorian U Desk has plenty of storage and can be easily paired with a hutch to maximize your workspace.

Large Framed Artworks Are a Common Feature of Victorian Decor

Large, framed artwork is also a common feature of Victorian decor. Whether you have a collection of paintings or an array of prints, these heirloom pieces can make your study feel like a victorian palace. Home decor was a big part of Victorian interior design, and it covered every surface in the house. Framed pictures, displayed china and souvenirs, vases, lace doilies, embroidered cushions and potted plants all were popular accessories.

Furniture was also an important element of a Victorian study room, and it should be made with quality materials that were meant to last a long time. Choose seating pieces that are upholstered in brocade, velvet and embroidered fabrics. Woodwork was highly decorated with carved wooden embellishments and it should be used in all the furniture and accessories that you place in the room. It should be painted in dark colors and rich shades to achieve the Victorian look.


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