How to Design a Small Hollywood Glamour Study Room

878 – Living in a small Hollywood community provides the best of both worlds. It’s easy to get things going in a small town with many opportunities for small town fun and entertainment. For example, there are always clubs to go to, movies to watch and little restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite to eat.

Creating a Hollywood Glamour Study Room

And living in a small town provides access to study rooms. Some have dedicated study rooms for serious study, others for more casual study. However, no matter the arrangement, there is plenty of space available in a small space. That means that not only can study be fun and enjoyable, but the room is just as close to everything else in the house as possible.

Evenings can be spent in small chatty chat rooms. When the neighbors take a few stops to talk to each other, they can spend some time in the chat rooms having a good laugh or catching up. There is no better way to unwind in small town living than by enjoying a casual conversation with your neighbors.

If you have children, you may want to consider a small study near their home. This way you won’t have to travel to school and you can keep your child’s home environment just the way it is. If the children are older and ready to move out on their own, you can still stay close by. A home close to the school is convenient for parents who aren’t home much. And, it is a nice change from your small Hollywood apartment!

Small Hollywood Glamour Study Room Tips

You don’t have to limit your small Hollywood glam study room to study time alone. As one of our readers pointed out to us, “studies are meant for studying, so why not use them for dates as well?” After all, isn’t that what date night was all about, getting together with the girls after class or at a friend’s house? If you two are feeling adventurous, set up a slumber party for your fellow college students. You could invite a couple of your female friends over for dinner and turn the dining room into a slumber party!

Our final suggestion is to keep things simple. The old rule that said the study area had to be as cluttered as possible is out of fashion in small Hollywood. A study area in the kitchen can be very functional if the cook has a lot of natural lighting. And, depending on what your budget is, you could have a nice study desk where you can write or draw. We recently saw a lovely small Los Angeles kitchen that had a desk in the study room and an additional small table for displaying books.

Favorite Study Room Arrangement Ideas

Your Hollywood city will have other things to occupy your mind while you’re cramming for finals. In small town, that is not a problem! You will have plenty of interesting things to do when there are no school disruptions and there are no movie premiers showing. In fact, you may have to wait for the Beverly Hills Bowl to start – it goes on Wednesdays, right? Anything that will keep you entertained should be considered.

Just like any small town in America, life in Hollywood is very busy. It can get nuts sometimes! So if you’re feeling in a rut and need some fresh air and stimulation, moving to a small city such as Hoboken (New Jersey) or New York (NY! ), where students go to school full time, may be just the ticket for you. Or, you can live in the quiet and privacy of a small study area in Hollywood!


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