Small Craftsman Study Room

1015 – For some people, a small craftsman study room can be a valuable asset. After all, the man spent most of his time in that room. He might even have done some of his work there. He might have created or assembled many of the objects that are now scattered throughout the house. Thus, his collection and preservation of his skills would be well served by a dedicated study area.

Creating a Small Crafts Study Room

In that spirit, this article is a little different from the ones you’ve probably read before. Rather than describing various decorative features, we’ll describe practical aspects related to adding a small craftsman study room to your home. The primary object is the table. You may be tempted to use a coffee table instead, but a study room table is both more appropriate and much more useful. It will also add some practicality to the decor of the room, preventing it from looking like something was poorly put together.

If you have a very small space, then a small craftsman study room is the way to go. Study tables come in all sizes. Some are small enough to fit under a bed, and yet still provide ample surface area for a small craftsman to work on his projects.

Characteristics Of The Small Craftsman’s Study Room

A small craftsman study room will typically have a desk and some open shelves. It will often be dominated by the desk, which will either have one or two drawers, depending upon how many small craftsmen are using it. Open shelves provide a great way to store things, as well as display other decorative items. Some models have bookshelves built into them, which can hold hundreds of books at a time.

The small craftsman study room will almost certainly be painted white or some light shade of another. This allows the craftsman to focus on painting rather than cleaning, but it limits the aesthetic appeal of the room. Craftsman paint colors tend to be rich and deep, so that they stand out and enhance the wood or metal work around them. Narrow colors, such as grays and dark browns, tend to make a room seem cramped and overcrowded.

A small craftsman study room is almost always going to contain a desk and a few drawers, along with a couple of bookshelves. If these are the only items found in the room, then this is great! If, however, this is the entire room, then you need to determine what you want to store and how you intend to store it. Is the room small enough to fit a few hand tools and an old pair of jeans in a tool box, or large enough to house a computer, a printer, a couple of chairs, and a lot of books?

Costs to Consider In Buying

Many craftsman study rooms are small enough that the prices do not matter too much. However, some materials, such as paints, require a bit more money up front. If you can afford it, buy the best supplies you can afford. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money in the long run than you would have if you bought a cheaper and better set of supplies but still had the room for them.

When you are choosing your small craftsman study room, you should also keep in mind that it needs to be functional. Make sure that the desk is not too high, so that you can actually get to work. The walls need to be flat, or even slightly raised, to prevent aches from sitting down at your desk all day. Finally, keep in mind the storage options, such as wall shelves, small cabinets, or a corner cabinet.


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