Choose The Right Craftsman Bathroom Accents And Decor

1481 – Nothing says luxury like a craftsman bathroom, complete with hand-crafted glass faucets, hand-painted ceramic tile, original hardwood flooring and hand-carved hard wood doors. If you’ve always wanted a “craftsman” bathroom, start by considering what it’s made from. With its plain rectangular frame and exposed panel construction, Shaker style cabinetry strikes the right tone in any craftsman bathroom. Pair Shaker Style vanity with simple knobs, ring hooks and bottle pulls in dark, warm metals such as iron, pewter and copper. Dark finishes tend to be lightly oil-rubbed, polished and plain, not overly polished.

Popular Solid Gray Ceramic Tile

Solid gray ceramic tiles are very popular in craftsman bathroom design. Gray is usually considered a boring color, but gray really pops when it is complemented by craftsman bathroom tiles. Gray ceramic tiles are available in many different shades and tones. Some tiles are shiny while some are matte. Gray flooring can complement almost any color of paint or wallpaper.

For craftsman bathroom design ideas, you may want to explore the wide variety of white cabinets, vanities, shower enclosures and mirrors available. White cabinets, porcelain tiles and clear glass show off an open nature that makes them inviting. You can use white cabinets and tiles throughout the bathroom for shelving and other items. Glass gives you a clean, airy look, but doesn’t have to be clear. It works great over colored walls. Shower doors can be glass, mirrored, frosted or etched depending on your personal preference.

Other elements in craftsman bathroom design ideas include stone and tile. To bring the stone into the theme, you might choose an over-sized stone piece or a complimentary ceramic tile with an earth tone. Because there is a range of stone colors, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a finish that matches your cabinetry and bathroom fixtures. The finishes you can find today include aged, antique, distressed, faux, sandstone, polished, beech, mahogany, oak, walnut, metal and a host of other choices.

Benefits Of Choosing Hand-Painted Tiles

If you like the idea of hand-painting a wall, that’s another great option for your craftsman bathroom design. Hand-painted tiles come in an incredible range of color choices and styles. You can choose from modern, casual, Victorian, French provincial and a host of other options. The benefit of choosing hand-painted tiles is that you can take any color or shade and make your bathroom design unique.

In addition to wall-painted tile and stone pieces, there are also other natural materials that can help you create craftsman style home decor. One option is to use wood throughout your room, particularly on the floors, countertops and lighting fixtures. Natural wood is weather-resistant and long-lasting. Plus, it’s just plain neat to look at – whether it’s in your bathroom or your living room.

Find The Perfect Woodworking Accent Furniture

There’s a good chance you won’t be able to find the perfect woodworking accent furnishings for your craftsman bathroom design. Fortunately, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on color. Woodwork in craftsman style can be created in a variety of ways. You can purchase simple items such as basic wooden plaques for bathroom mirrors. You could go with intricately crafted tables and candle holders or even go all out and create rustic stone sculptures or even Indian painted pottery.

As with anything else, a little bit of planning goes a long way in completing the craftsman interior design theme. Try to think about how you want the various accents to relate to your color palette as well as the nature of the pieces. For example, if you’re using natural stone tiles in your craftsman bathroom, choose colors that compliment the stone – not colors that clash. By being a little more deliberate in your planning, you’ll be sure to have the perfect craftsman bathroom that you can enjoy for years.


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