Small Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

935 – Mirrors are an excellent choice for small living rooms, as they will help to make the room feel larger and brighter. There is simply nothing that some throw pillows or a few center tables can’t fix. With focused seating, you could also experiment with grouping furniture based on color or theme. Small living room ideas & projects to make your space look bigger. You might like to get started with a small floor plan to begin with, then add a few extra touches to your interior later. Here are some small vintage living room ideas to get you started.

Make the Living Room Neat and Comfortable

A common area for clutter is the hallway. To set yourself up for a neat and cozy living room, put down some throw rugs to set the stage for a great looking hallway. You could choose from an assortment of colors or go with a timeless color such as white. If you’d like a unique touch, why not go with some lace or frilly patterns for your hallways.

Perhaps you prefer a classic theme for your living room, but you want something a bit more contemporary. For a modern eclectic living room, try a contemporary patterned rug. With this design, the patterned rug borders could be just a single color, or they could be in a geometric shape. With a contemporary patterned rug, your seating space would be very open with lots of room around the edges. You would enjoy the ease with which you could walk through the room and focus on the family as you gather around the table.

Simple Accessories Selection

For a rustic living room, an old-time western theme could be brought back to life with simple accessories like wall hangings, a few well-chosen farmhouse pillows and perhaps some cowboy figurines. An all-American look can be achieved with simple accessories including rugs and a few pillows. A large American map on the wall hangings can bring a feel of country origins to the area. Old metal chairs with a few wooden pieces such as an old cowboy figurine can complete the feel. You could even use rugs on the floor that are in the same country as the wall hangings and pillows.



If you’re seeking an authentic look but don’t want to sacrifice style, you might consider adding vintage revival furniture to your small living room. This look combines older looking chairs with contemporary pieces to create a charming touch that makes it feel as if it’s a touch away from the past. You can add wicker or rattan chairs, tables with interesting leg lamps, and vintage revival lamps. A few pieces of brick wall decor and vintage renewal throws would complete the look.

Matching Rustic Lights

Your small living room can have a cozy atmosphere with matching rustic lamps. In addition to using vintage pieces, such as a coffee table, a couple of throw pillows, and a few chairs, you could also add a few vintage signs that would remind people of the small town that they live in. Rustic signs are very popular, particularly at road side rest stops or gas stations. To get additional nostalgia, think about using vintage signs for the rest of the front of your house, including on the mailbox and on the back door.

When searching for vintage living room decor ideas, keep in mind that natural materials are very versatile. They work in any room of the house, and they’re especially appropriate for living rooms where there isn’t a lot of fancy furniture. If your living room is airy and light, then consider using a rug and soft cushions that are made of the best fabrics. You should also think about putting in an area rug so that your flooring won’t stick out like a sore thumb among neighbors.

The type of furniture that you use in this room should reflect the sort of atmosphere that you are trying to create. For example, if you want to make it more informal, then try putting in an old fashioned coffee table and maybe an end table with no legs or no headboard. The idea is to create an airy space that’s not overcrowded. When it comes to furniture for this room, the more simplistic the better!


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