Victorian Interior Design Styles

833 – Victorian interior design is an example of the Industrial Revolution, in which machinery allowed the working class to have highly ornate, attention-grabbing items at relatively low cost. In particular, this happened during the period when the textile market was booming. As the working class grew more affluent, they wanted to show off their newly acquired wealth with items which had previously only been available to those of the higher classes. The result was a massive boom in the manufacturing of ornamental items such as vases and candles.

The Beauty of Victorian Interior Design Style

Victorian interior design styles are characterized by heavy ornamentation, bright colours, and detailed style. Ornate pieces became especially popular amongst the lower and middle classes, who were then also decorating their bedrooms and drawing rooms in order to make them look like those found in wealthy families. The Victorians were not the only people to dabble in this exciting new trend. Carvings, wall paintings, mirrors and other ornamental items were also very popular amongst the masses.

The Victorian interior is typified by dark colours, big, bold patterns and rich, plush fabrics. One of the most popular accessories for Victorian interior design, used in many different rooms, is the Victorian-inspired wallpaper. This theme is characterised by the use of large, intricate patterns and elegant jewel tones.

The most popular wall hangings can be traced back to the early days of the Victorian era. This means that you will be able to find reproductions of famous works of art like the Mona Lisa, which inspired many of the modern designs you see today. Large, highly ornate pieces were hung on the walls of most homes, and there is even thought to be a time when the Victorians actually replaced their fireplace with one made out of stained glass. Today, you can add these same pieces to your Victorian home, as well as reproductions of pieces of furniture from the Victorian era. Textures and paint finishes can take on a more antique look, and the intricate carvings and wall decor will add a touch of class to any room.

Characteristics of the Victorian Style Dining Room

The dining room is an area in most houses where you will be able to use a lot of Victorian interior design. The dining table was originally a round affair, and the chairs were often elaborately designed with leaves and floral accents. Sometimes these would be covered in velvet or covered in silk. Some tables could be embellished further with large floral arrangements.

Often used in conjunction with the dining room, the kitchen was also a prominent part of Victorian interiors. The cabinets were a different color than the dining room and often made from solid wood. They had open spaces and were decorated with ornate designs and carvings. A lot of these cabinets had a mixture of colors. There were a lot of rustic charm to them, as well as some industrial revolution flair.

Setting the Right Lighting for a Victorian Home

When it came to lighting, the Victorian interior design style relied heavily on the use of windows and skylights. The light coming in through the windows would allow you to see the collection of decorative items that were on display inside the home. Some of these would include China and crockery. If you were lucky enough to have a large window, you might have a unique bookcase as well.

This type of interior was highlighted in many ways. One way was with architectural details and decor, including columns, porticos and trellises. You might have a fireplace made of stone. It was important to remember, however, that this was Victorian Interior and was quite grand. As a result, the furniture, especially the tables and seating, was quite large, sometimes extending to the floor. Another detail, if you wanted to have an authentic Victorian experience was to place a grand mirror in the dining room.


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