Victorian Apartment: Using a Small Victorian Apartment As Rehab

855 – So you want to buy a small Victorian apartment. That’s great! I’ve got three words for you: Buy low, sell high. Many of us think that Victorian homes were typically smaller and this design wasn’t always as functional. In truth, most Victorian families were bigger than those of us living in our own homes today and often included four or more individuals.

Definition of Ideal Small Victorian Apartment

And speaking of four people, most of us have only one pair of shoes and a handbag between us! A small Victorian apartment is ideal for a family of any size. Children may come and go, the spouse may work from home and yet still be there when you call. The point is, there’s plenty of room.

There are several ways to increase the size of your small Victorian apartment and still be able to call it your own. First of all, what about architectural plans? Many of us are thinking in terms of modern or contemporary designs and forget about architectural plans for the period of the Victorian era. There were beautiful, historic affordable housing plans available and these plans are something you should consider when choosing a house plan for your new small Victorian apartment. You want a house plan that will allow for the room you intend to put your new apartment in.

Small Victorian Apartment Design Tips

What are these plans? They’re architectural drawings showing you the layout of your new apartment. These plans were created by professional colonial architects during the Victorian Era. They show you the extent of the space your new small Victorian apartment will have. You can choose an address with a view so that you’ll get as much natural light as possible and remember to incorporate this into your design.

They show you how to use the surrounding landscape to your advantage. You can integrate your new apartment into your surrounding environment and make it a reflection of your life and character. Remember, these were small places then and you had to deal with all kinds of small problems. Having a quiet and peaceful place to come back to at night helps you deal with these problems without bringing them into your bedroom every day.

The Idea of ​​​​Expanding the Size of a Victorian Apartment

Another way you can increase the size of your Victorian house and still be able to call it your own is by using architectural plans. Some of these plans are available to you but you may have to pay for them. It depends on what the resources are available in your area and whether or not the historical resources of your area are still available to you. Many small apartments aren’t even fully realized, so you may not be able to qualify for an affordable housing grant. If your plan is based on architectural plans that are already completed, you might be able to get a tax credit for having this completed.

To get started with your search for affordable housing grants, start with your architectural plans. Don’t forget that some architectural plans are only available in part 1. If your part 1 architectural plan was used, you can find out from your tax advisor if it is available for download in part 2 application.

Don’t forget to check if your NPS address is available in your file. There are plans that allow you to choose between several areas. If you’re going to build your new home in a particular part of Australia like Armidale, then your NPS number has to be on the plan. The process of using affordable housing grants is a three-part application process. Your local planning department, you can do the application process online or talk to your tax advisor.


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