Small Japanese Bedroom Designs

862 – When thinking of small Japanese bedrooms, you are probably thinking of the same furnishings you would find in any typical Japanese residence: a small table, small Japanese style bed and chair, and small wall hangings such as pictures of birds or fish. While these furnishings are very common, there is more than just the traditional Asian feel to these pieces. The secret to designing a small Japanese bedroom is finding the right mix of modern and traditional Japanese design elements to create an Asian feel without using too much Asian theme.

Tips For Creating A Beautiful Japanese Small Bedroom

To achieve your small Japanese bedroom design, choose a basic color palette such as white, ivory, beige, yellow, or brown. These colors will help to balance the dark wood tones used in your Japanese teak or bamboo furniture. For a small Japanese bedroom design, you can incorporate the use of a small black dresser or nightstand. Since black is a popular color for men’s evening wear, a nightstand may be a good addition for your Japanese room. A small Japanese coffee table, with its neatly put together shape and elegant iron grained finish, would be a welcome addition to any small space.

Japanese furniture such as the sofas and tables are traditionally made of iron. These pieces are quite durable and can withstand being placed in high traffic areas of your home. A Japanese coffee table can easily replace most other pieces of furniture in your small Japanese bedroom design. Small Japanese desks can be purchased with a small or large tabletop, making the appearance of a larger room. Smallish chopsticks, called otoyo, make excellent table side table items.

Important Aspects of Japanese Furniture Types

One important aspect of this type of Japanese furniture is the craftsmanship involved in the making of the individual pieces. An artist’s eye is most often captured when working on a single piece. Bonsai is another word for a small tree that has been carefully trained to grow into a specific size and shape. The small trees are still considered bonsai, even though they are usually sculpted out of wood rather than cut from solid blocks.

Small Japanese bedrooms can be furnished with traditional pieces, or painted with interesting images from Japan. A great Japanese decor choice is bamboo furniture. Bamboo is often used for walls in small Japanese rooms, due to it’s soft, earthy sound and natural strength. Bamboo can be painted with bold colors or be left natural. This unique style of furnishing is quite popular amongst lovers of Japanese style decor.

Interesting Items of Japanese Decoration

Another interesting item of small Japanese decor is a small TV stand. Most homes in Japan have limited TV sets because most families subscribe to local cable television. A small Japanese style television can be placed beside a comfortable chair in a room. This style of furnishing is very popular in the realm of Japanese style home decoration. This type of TV stand can also double as an interesting book shelf, which would add interest to any bookcase. A small wooden bookcase with multiple shelves is also a popular item.

One final item to integrate into your small Japanese bedroom is a beautiful Japanese bonsai tree. When purchasing a bonsai tree, always look for one that is made out of strong, hearty material. This will ensure that it will be strong enough to withstand years of use. Once you have chosen your favorite Japanese bonsai image source, this can be used to create a focal point in the small Japanese bedroom.

The small Japanese bedroom designs that are presented here are just a few of the many beautiful items that can be incorporated into a Japanese-inspired home… If you really want to incorporate modern, unique elements into your Japanese inspired home… Don’t stop at a few items. The entire look of the Japanese home needs to be changed and the entire house need to be redone. But for now, just take comfort in the timeless beauty of traditional Japanese art and the warmth and character of traditional Japanese furniture. We really appreciate and welcome guest post submissions from you.


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