Decorating Ideas For a Rustic Living Room

878 – The natural warm color palette of rustic living rooms will surely inspire you to incorporate some warmth into your rustic living room decor. Check out rustic living room design ideas! You can now discover your dream outdoor living area with a warm, rustic flavor. If you’re tired of the typical contemporary designs that have no color or meaning, then try out an old-fashioned style with its rustic appeal. You’ll be surprised at the transformation it can make.

Make the Rustic Living Room More Modern

Rustic living rooms can be created with either a more modern theme or with a more traditional one. Either way, you’ll need to pay close attention to details. Some rustic decorating ideas are inspired by the beautiful stone fireplace decor of the 1800s.

Use vintage accessories on rustic living room pieces as well. Try looking for wrought iron candle sconces with stone fireplace surround. In the same way, try to match vintage coffee table, dresser, and lamps with rustic accessories. You can choose from a wide variety of trendy accent pieces such as Native American hand tools, wood baskets, decorative stone carvings, pottery items, wood chucks, and hand-crafted items. Themes such as rock and roll, southwest, rustic, western, Santa Fe, and Victorian will enhance your rustic theme.

Inspirational Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Other inspirational rustic living room design ideas are hand-crafted textiles, Native American wall plaques, Indian sand painting, rustic tables and chairs, leather upholstery, southwestern tapestries, and bead work. You might also want to look for rustic lighting. For an authentic look, choose lamps and candleholders with interesting beadwork. The warm glow of candlelight will surely add warmth and atmosphere to this trendy room interior.


If you want to bring life to the rustic living room, use handcrafted wooden planters. You may use wooden planters that match with rustic furniture pieces. Place a rustic metal chandelier in front of a large wooden mirror or on top of a rustic dining table. To add interest to the rustic living room design, choose rustic figurines, baskets, and paintings. If you have kids, you can place photos of them on the chandelier or frames of their artwork.

Adding the Most Convenient Accessories

To create a warm and inviting environment, you may hang Indian blankets and pillows on the rustic living room furniture. You can also add colorful tassels made of rawhide. Handmade quilts with designs by Native Americans can add another layer of rustic design to this room. Create an inviting space by hanging up bright potted plants and flowering vines.

Rustic living rooms are enhanced with the addition of a rustic fireplace. Since fireplaces bring warmth, the addition of a rustic fireplace is also perfect for adding visual interest to this style. For added visual interest, place a hand-crafted wooden coffee table against a long flowing wall or in front of a long sitting area. Add a pair of rustic drum chairs around the fireplace or beside it.


When choosing rustic living room furniture, it’s best to choose furniture pieces that have rough and worn finishes. Rough textured wood finishes give the room a worn texture that is welcoming and warm. Textured finishes like distressed brown and black are great choices for creating a rustic living room design. Hand painted finishes like yellow, blue, gray, green, and red are also great textures to use in this decor.

How to Decorate Your Rustic Living Room

For additional ideas on how to decorate your rustic living room, browse through some of the thousands of images and ideas available on the interest site. You can also find many pinterest crafts and decorating ideas on interest. Create your own rustic style decorating using these ideas.

An easy way to get a rustic living room together is to buy several matching brown leather sofas, add a few throw pillows, and add a log table. The sofa sets will look great together, but you can mix and match pieces to create a unique look each time you want to invite people over. Some people like to use two sofa sets to create a cozy seating area and others like to place a comfy brown leather sofa set against a wall and add more rustic pillows to the room. Find ways to integrate leather pieces into your rustic living room decorating theme by combining brown leather sofa sets with pinterest beads, decorative pillows, wood baskets, and other rustic accessories.

For a fun and useful gift that you can make or decorate yourself, collect vintage or antique pieces from vintage stores, flea markets, garage sales, or online. Pieces of furniture from history such as old chairs, tables, bed frames, China, crockery, and more can be used to decorate your rustic living room. When buying vintage pieces, always remember that quality is important. These pieces will last for years, so choose quality pieces that will last long as well as function well. If you are decorating a child’s room, consider buying comfortable and practical toys and pieces that can be shared by all of the members of the family.


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