How to Decorate Small Pink Kitchens

771 – Small pink kitchens are becoming very popular these days. A lot of women are now realizing that they can add color without compromising kitchen space. While pink may not be the perfect color for a small kitchen, it is the perfect color for creating a cozy atmosphere. Pink does not need to be the only color in the room. Mix in white, gray and other darker colors to create a lovely but spacious atmosphere. Here are a few color ideas for small pink kitchen.

Choosing a Small Pink Fridge

A small pink refrigerator would be a perfect way to start out the design scheme for a small pink kitchen. It is difficult for most designers to achieve the full impact of deep, dark mahogany, deep wood or even a rich cherry red in a small kitchen. However, if you place a large crystal glass vase on the countertop of a small pink kitchen, you will get a great impression of color depth. Use small stuffed animals and other small critters to fill up the space. Keep the rest of the room in primary colors so as to maintain a balance.

Use dark wood in the walls and on the floor – Dark wood creates an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. While pink kitchen walls look great with a bold pattern or painting, they can also look wonderful with a rich dark wood framed picture. For a more traditional touch, go with a black and white wallpaper border that features a couple of small pink roses.

Although pink kitchens look good when you use a splatter paint effect, keep the tone subtle. If you want pink to pop, try using a pink pigment similar to eggplant powder. Otherwise, stick to whites or neutrals. Neutrals work very well with small pink kitchen sinks because the sink is small and it can blend right in with the wall.

Creating a Fun Kitchen Space

Small pieces of lace, photos or fabrics will add pizzazz to a small pink kitchen. The best way to do this is to match them to the color palette of your walls or cabinets. If you have dark cabinets, find small pink accessories that match. If you have a light colored cabinet, match more coordinating accessories. For the most exciting, though, find as much in small pink as you can and you will instantly create a cheerful and inviting space.

One of the greatest challenges of decorating small pink kitchens is keeping an area fresh and interesting while also making it seem like no changes have occurred. Try to make one change at a time. For instance, if your walls are now painted a shade of beige, choose a fabric for a window treatment that matches that shade. You could also change your cabinet doors and drawer fronts from light pink to a pale pink that is similar to milk. The key is to choose one aspect of your room, such as a vase or dish towels, and really take care of it while the rest of the room stays true to the rest of your scheme.

Using Bold Color Combinations

You don’t want your small pink kitchen to feel like a sea of pink. Rather, choose just a few bold colors that bring out the pink in your palette. These colors could include rich purples or deep oranges. A combination of these colors in bold shades will be even more appealing, especially since they come in a wide range of prices.

In general, a small pink kitchen can work very well as long as you remember to keep it simple. Keep the pink in confined spaces. Make one change at a time. If you’re not sure how to create a scheme, have someone do it with you so you can learn along the way. You’ll find that your skills and confidence as a decorator will grow as a result!


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