Using Wall Panelling to Design a Traditional Bathroom

717 – Traditional style bathrooms have an aristocratic style. They create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere due to their beautiful, classic hues and ultra luxurious touch. These traditional bathroom styles add a tremendous charm and resale value to your home. However, modern remodeling is the best way to attain the royal look. Here’s what you need to know about contemporary bathroom remodeling.

Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Choose timeless classic colors The most popular choice for traditional bathrooms are those with a vintage design, rich wood surfaces and lots of wood elements. However, these days more bold colors are also making a come-back into the list of most homes. If you still love your traditional bathroom, then you can go in for bold colors such as hot pink, bright orange or deep red. You can also make use of bold floor colors such as yellow, red and turquoise. If you want to keep the old look but add modern contemporary style to it, then you can consider blue walls and countertops.

Go bold with freestanding bath tubs With so many new designs and materials are hitting the market, traditional bathroom can no longer be classified as plain. There are so many modern options that give your traditional bathroom a fresh look without changing the basic layout. In fact, the most striking element is the freestanding bath tub. With a sleek and trendy bathtub that’s both beautiful and durable, you can give your traditional bathroom a modern update with bold freestanding bathtubs.

Elegant Traditional Bathroom Tips

Give your traditional bathroom a neutral scheme Many people don’t realise it, but the neutral scheme makes a lot of difference. Most bathrooms these days are very individualistic. Each person’s style is reflected in the kind of feel that he puts in his bathroom. A traditional bathroom can be very elegant but will have people thinking that it’s just like any other bathroom. To avoid this, you can choose the paint color, shower curtain, towel set, wall panelling, and even the toilet paper holder to match your overall theme.

Inspiration is the key to your success. It is not enough to look at other traditional bathroom design ideas to get inspired ideas. You can get inspired from looking at the latest magazines, furniture shops, or even the internet. These sources provide you with all the necessary information about the design elements that you need.

Choose a neutral scheme As mentioned, you can get inspired from looking at other traditional bathroom designs. What does each one have in common? Apart from the layout, each design element is balanced out by using complementary colors and textures. For example, if you are looking at a traditional white and cream wall color, you will find that the neutral scheme will use a similar tone of brown or tan. Similarly, the freestanding bath will also have brown walls and a neutral blue or green bath tub.

Using Mirrors Can Reflect Natural Light

Use mirrors Mirrors add an element of space to your bathroom. In addition to making your bathroom appear larger than it is, mirrors help to reflect natural light, thereby creating a natural lighting environment that is relaxing and soothing. Today, many people are using mirrors not only to reflect light but also to make their bathroom’s look more spacious. Freestanding bath mirrors can help you achieve both of these effects. In fact, many people prefer to have a mirror on each sink for the best effect.

Decorate with wall panelling As previously mentioned, mirrors are used to reflect light. However, if you want a more dramatic effect, you can add embellishments to your wall panelling, such as coloured mosaic tiles. Not only do these tiles give a unique and stunning look to your bathroom, but they are also relatively easy to install. Moreover, you will find that using wall panelling in traditional bathrooms is easy and inexpensive compared to other elements of a traditional bathroom renovation.


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