White Bathrooms – A Bright Idea


Exproperti.com – Bathroom design can be tricky. Your first impulse may be to choose white tile for your bathroom. You love white tile and your bathroom is all white. But when you go about bathroom decorating, more than white is becoming popular, especially in the modern era. So, if you’re not quite sure about what to do, here are some ideas to get you started.

Tricks In Choosing Bathroom Accessories

Start with towel accessories. It’s easy to forget about towels in a white bathroom, but it’s critical to have a variety of towels. Keep in mind that a guest will probably use at least one towel, and white towels won’t go unnoticed in a small space. Also, a guest usually cannot bring a handkerchief or comb, so have two sets of towels handy. One set for guests and one set for house guests.

Choosing the right amount of lighting is important in many bathrooms. For large spaces, like a large shower, you want to minimize the bright overhead lighting, because it can make the room feel darker. You can instead use track lighting over smaller areas, such as tile floors. Track lighting can be a subtle way to create drama in white bathroom design.

Consider adding white bathroom curtains or shutters to your shower and toilet. Curtains can be made from sheer fabric or an open weave cotton fabric, and they have a unique look that doesn’t clash with other colors. For the toilet, consider using a solid-colored curtain, or opening your walls up to create an arched shower curtain with tasseled edges. For large windows, try using an inset panel of glass along the perimeter of the window. White shutters on the other hand can be purchased ready made or made to measure, depending on what kind of hardware you choose.

Bathroom With Contemporary Design

Bathrooms with contemporary designs often feature walls painted in white. It is possible to make your own white bathroom tiles too. Tiling should be left to the professionals. You may decide to purchase ready-made vinyl tiles, but there are also lots of home improvement stores that carry specialty tiles made especially for bathrooms. For a truly custom look, consider hiring a carpenter to create matching wood or metal fixtures that coordinate with the tile you select.

If you have white bathrooms but no sink, you can easily remedy the situation. You don’t have to replace the sink, just buy white cabinets that will sit against the cabinets. In many cases, all you need to do is add a white sink, faucet, and towel rack. Some hardware for a contemporary look can be found in white. A contemporary medicine cabinet with white trim and white legs could be perfect for a bathroom that features dark tiles.

Brilliant Ideas For Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is always a bright idea. Even in master bathrooms, the lights should be at eye level. You can easily find lighting in white that will be just enough to give you the level of light you need. Some white bathroom furniture may not even require any special lighting. White sofas and chairs will work well with any type of lighting you use.

If you want to add a splash of color in your bath area, consider using a freestanding tub in a white bathroom. Bright white tiles on a white tub will give you the splash of color you want in your bath. White is the ultimate coloring choice when it comes to remodeling your bathrooms. With so many different variations of white available, you’re sure to find just the right style of white tub or freestanding tub to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary tub or a more traditional tub, there are white bathrooms to be had.


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