Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

653 –  Imagine a kitchen that’s free of clutter and brimming with sleek, streamlined design. Smooth stone surfaces, minimal furniture, and wooden open shelving ideas make a perfect modern palette.

Creating a Unique Personality for the Cooking Zone

White can feel cold, but warm chocolate tones in cabinetry and wood flooring can add depth to a room. This kitchen by Hecker Guthrie uses geometric shapes to add pattern and visual interest. Choosing color for your modern kitchen can feel intimidating, but rest assured that a few bold accents aren’t necessary to transform the space. A single showstopping element, like a veined island in this gorgeous modern kitchen, is enough to stand out and create a unique personality for your cooking zone.

If you’re afraid to get too crazy with your kitchen paint colors, try a simple monochrome look. Dark charcoal grey, a popular neutral in modern design, is incredibly versatile and can be accented with light wood tones or white tiles. Conventional design wisdom dictates that lighter shades make spaces feel larger, and this airy kitchen remodel proves it right. Cabinets, the countertops, and the backsplash all feature a soft, creamy shade that feels instantly inviting.

Modern kitchen design is all about a sleek, pure aesthetic. That means frameless cabinets, slab door fronts, handle-free profiles and a palette that relies on neutrals with the occasional pop of color or natural material for contrast. Texture also adds depth to a contemporary kitchen. A patterned backsplash, textured surface tile or decorative wall hanging can give a kitchen that minimalist look.

Adding Texture to a Modern Kitchen Remodel

Adding texture to a modern kitchen remodel can be as simple as using a mix of finishes on cabinetry or incorporating a contrasting material like wood. Or it can be as elaborate as a wood paneled ceiling or fluted finish. And, as open kitchen shelving ideas continue to gain popularity, displaying family photos, colorful art or abstract wall hangings can provide a stylish touch to the space. Light is another key element for modern kitchen designs, and it’s an opportunity to add eye-catching style. Look for fixtures that complement or mirror your cabinets’ color and design to create a cohesive aesthetic. Large pendants like the ones in this bright white kitchen are a great way to make a bold statement.

Whether you choose a single statement fixture or an array of eye-catching lights, keep in mind how you and your family will use the kitchen. You want task lighting that’s bright enough to work at the sink and stove, ambient light to cast a warm glow in sociable spaces, and decorative lights for focal points or display areas. If you prefer a streamlined style, consider a set of linear lights with a uniform design and matching medallions that can be adjusted to brighten specific areas or to address shadows from overhead cabinets. Or, opt for recessed downlights that are slim enough to be tucked inside the bottom of overhead cabinetry.

Providing the Final Touch for Modern Kitchen Designs

The right kitchen appliances provide the finishing touch for a modern kitchen design. Seamless integration of these items within your cabinetry, countertops and walls adds function to the luxury space without sacrificing aesthetic harmony. Frameless cabinets, slab doors and handle-free profiles keep the look streamlined, with a focus on neutral colors and natural materials. Clever use of wood paneling, fluted finishes, and texture surfaces are also popular in modern kitchens.

Over-the-range microwaves are another must-have. They install over your stove and come with sensor cooking, quick start buttons, and defrost and soften options to make meal prep easier. Modern pantry designs are a must-have to maintain the clutter-free look of a modern kitchen. Consider open shelves that showcase the stainless steel appliances. Alternatively, built-in shelving can hold pots, pans and utensils while keeping them organized. You can even incorporate a wine fridge to store and serve your favorite vino with ease. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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