Small Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

863 – Small modern bathrooms create for much better utilization of space than larger bathrooms. They also offer more stylish surfaces for small spaces and less cramped counters. However, when you own a small bathroom, go for a bigger mirror above a smaller vanity. A big mirror may dominate a small room and make it look smaller than it really is.

Small Modern Bathroom Tips

If your small modern bathroom has no counter at all, be adventurous! Install a small counter where you can set a basin, a wash basin, and a small cupboard for storage. The sink can then be installed anywhere. A subway tile countertop would be a good choice if you have enough space to accommodate the sink and counter. This makes your bathroom very easy to keep clean, because everything will be kept in its place.

If you want to achieve a minimalist look in your small modern bathroom design, choose plain white tiles. They work well in a small modern bathroom design. If you have a counter above the sink, then darker colored tiles on that surface will hide the wires coming out from the wall. To give an illusion of a wall, you can put up some wallpaper or vinyl film. There are different types of vinyl available, so you can mix and match until you find one that fits perfectly.

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas

Mirrors can also add color to your small modern bathroom ideas. If you cannot have a wall painted in colors, you can use a mirrored wall to reflect light. A mosaic tile adds texture to a small bath and gives it some personality.

When it comes to small modern bathroom design ideas, a rug is a great way to add color and character to the room. Choose a rug in a geometric shape that has at least three equal sides. It should be big enough to cover the entire wall area, but smaller than your eyes can see. Having a rug over a focal point in the room makes it the focal point, without making the rest of the room too busy.

If you don’t have much room to play with, then there are other small sink ideas you can use to make a statement without being too fussy. Choose a sleek contemporary fixture that has a clean, sleek design. You can find these modern fixtures in chrome, silver, and oil rubbed bronze. These finishes look contemporary, even if they aren’t made with actual metal. Using shiny brass fixtures will make your modern bathroom feel sophisticated.

Contemporary Style Small Bathroom Design

If you are going for more of a traditional look in your small bathroom design, you can try adding a small sink and refrigerator to the decor. Try using a vintage-looking sink that has an interesting shape. A square or rectangular shape is best; a round or oval shape can make your bathroom feel dated. For a contemporary master bathroom, choose one way mirrors to compliment the contemporary style. These mirrors focus attention on one area of your bathroom rather than the entire room, which will help keep your small bathroom design looking neat and organized.

Adding a rug to your floor and walls will add personality to the walls and allow you to make a statement with the accessories and color. Look for a modern bathroom rug that has a contemporary design, and it doesn’t have to match the colors in the rest of the room. You can find rugs that have a simple texture or one with an interesting pattern. Try a flat, rectangular rug over an end table or on the floor. A unique rug like this will really create a statement in your bathroom.


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