Modern Design Styles That Is Rich in Tradition

782 – Modern homes are often very boxy, with little in the way of character or personality. With little to nothing going on outside of the house, many people look towards a modern home as the epitome of style. With flat roofs, tightly spaced windows and modern industrial features, it’s no wonder they’re the modernist dream. Unfortunately, many modern home styles don’t allow much personality in the outside spaces and are made up mostly of concrete or metal.

Popular Contemporary Style Small Modern Home

If you are trying to create a modern home, but have a very small budget, there are a few key interior design styles that can make the entire inside experience more interesting and personal. There is a wealth of options for making your modern home more individualized. Here are five popular contemporary styles that work great for small modern homes.

The ultra modern home typically consists of an absence of character. With straight, metallic lines, wide gaps between rooms and nothing more than a sturdy frame and doors, modern homes can seem quite sterile. This is because there is almost no character in a contemporary home. Character is reserved for the walls and countertops.

This is the most complete style of modern home. With detailed woodwork all around, the feel of a true cottage is created. Cottages are an extremely popular modern home style because they give off a warm feeling with a quaint, charming atmosphere. The character is present throughout the interior as well as the exterior palette. Cottages are also very easy to decorate since so much is available in their palette – if your cottage has windows, they can be covered or painted.

Characteristics of Modern Homes

Cottage-style modern homes follow the same characteristics as their modern counterparts, but the accents are a bit different. Wood is again used extensively throughout, and character is emphasized by a rustic outdoorsy look. The cottage’s flooring is usually tile or stone, and it is decorated with artistic carvings. Cottages are a really popular modern home because they have such a simple look, and you can dress them up by painting them, applying drapes, or putting some decorative architectural features like spindles or pointed arches on top of them.

This style follows the lines of classic modern homes, but it adds a splash of whimsy with a playful spirit. Contemporary designs are bold, geometric and simplistic. Contemporary modern homes have many interesting details, such as cutouts in the glass, internal or external wall panels, and unusual elements such as mirrored walls.

While modern design homes are bold, this design style also tries to use neutral colors that compliment the metal and wood elements. If you want your home to appear unique, choose a color palette that is similar to what you would find in a country home. Choose warm, earthy tones for the walls, including shades of brown and yellow. For accent colors, choose vibrant reds, greens and oranges. You can make your contemporary home appear to be unique by using different types of natural materials throughout.

Modern Homes Have Open and Flexible Kitchens

In addition to choosing a color palette and using different types of natural materials, modern homes should also have a modern kitchen that is open and flexible. A kitchen design that is simple and straightforward makes for a more relaxed and comfortable environment. It’s also important that your kitchen feels welcoming because this is one room in your home where you are likely to spend a lot of time, especially if you prepare, cook and serve food for guests. Choosing a modern kitchen that combines efficiency with efficiency is key.

A modern home may incorporate some features that are common in modern homes from years ago. For instance, iron wall cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens these days. Iron wall cabinets are a great addition because they add an elegant touch. They are durable and look beautiful. If you like the look of them, you can even purchase them painted for a more customized look. If you want to have stainless steel appliances in your modern home but you live in an area that experiences a lot of humidity, you can opt for an air-cooled stainless steel appliance that will keep your house at a constant temperature no matter what the season is.

Modern Design Tips is to Have Big Windows

Another aspect of modern design that can be easily replicated in your home is the large windows in your room. These large windows let in natural light in, which creates a relaxed feeling in your home. If you love the large windows in your kitchen, consider installing large glass windows in rooms such as the living room. The glass in these windows can also provide the same benefit as the iron wall cabinets with regards to letting natural light in.

Many modern homes incorporate open concept floor plan designs. This kind of floor plan gives room for your creativity, because you are not constrained by fixed dimensions. You can use this space to set up your own work area or dining area. If you love a clean design, you can get away with using hardwood floors in your modern home since most modern materials are made from materials that are easy to maintain.


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