Small White Kitchen Ideas

859 – Small white kitchens tout themselves as being trendy. As much as other trendy trends may, small white kitchens still don’t get much in the way of press coverage. This is unfortunate, as small white kitchens are among the most practical, efficient, and popular colors for kitchens today. They’re perfect for apartments, condos, town homes, villas, and RVs. They also work well in other settings, too: in offices, hospitals, schools, and even cemeteries.

Small White Kitchen Trends

Small white kitchens may seem like an oxymoron. Small white kitchens tout themselves as being trendy. In reality, however, they’re just as unique or eye-catchy as any other trendy trends: the color white works perfectly in a large kitchen, with plenty of open space; dark gray and black are great colors for a modern sink; and a marble countertop complete any small white kitchen. Even though they might not be the first colors you think of when you picture up a small white kitchen, there’s no reason to think that they won’t be perfect for your kitchen.

A small white kitchen may have one of two options: a single-wall white kitchen or a double-wall black kitchen. While the appearance of a single-wall kitchen might be enough for some homeowners, a double-wall kitchen with high, wide shelves are usually ideal. The best part about a double-wall kitchen with high shelves is that many models have built-in extensions, which can be used to extend the length of counters and provide more storage space. Of course, the shelving also comes in different heights, so you might want to go with some kind of height adjustability as well. (Make sure you measure your counter space before going with this option.)

Design For Single Wall Kitchen

For single wall kitchens, you’ll be looking at either a cabinet of glass or metal shelving. Because these single wall units are usually smaller than their counterparts, they don’t have the same storage capacity. Therefore, you’ll either need to purchase a larger version of the unit you’re working with or add on some shelves. This can be a problem if you don’t have the proper amount of storage needed for all of your kitchen items. (And even then, installing single-wall cabinets is expensive.)

If you do opt for single-wall cabinets, the best thing to look for is grey. Grey is not only a neutral color but it works extremely well with stainless steel and other darker cabinets. (If you want something a little lighter, consider going with white cabinets.) In fact, grey is one of the best colors for remodeling small white kitchens – combining it with stainless steel can make for a unique and interesting combination.

Speaking of interesting accents, another great place to have white accents in a small white kitchen is on the countertops. There are so many different kinds of wood and tile, that the possibilities are endless. However, black is one of the most popular options because it goes with everything! Granite is another great option, especially when paired with granite countertops.

Luxurious White Kitchen Style

If you have a galley kitchen style in your home, you’ll find one of the easiest small white kitchen ideas to implement is a galley kitchen island. You can have one in the middle of the room as a counter or as a storage area. You can even get creative and build your island so that it goes back into the kitchen. This will give you two work zones, keep you covered from both the dining area and the kitchen. Another great accent for a galley kitchen style is to install an island bar. This is the ultimate in small kitchen ideas because not only does it add significant extra seating, it also adds a decorative element to your kitchen that just can’t be beat.

Of course, having a white kitchen in a more traditional home isn’t just about the cabinets. Let’s say that you’re using Wispy White cabinetry in your kitchen. This is actually a very good match because it brings out the antique in a person. It is very classy and elegant and very “classy.” Of course if you don’t feel as much appeal in these old-fashioned touches, that’s okay because you still have plenty of other great white kitchen ideas to choose from.


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