Industrial Natural Interior Design Trends

596 – The rise of minimalism and hygge has made industrial decorating a popular style choice. The rustic and repurposed elements of this roughly-hewn aesthetic blend well with clean lines and neutral color palettes.

Get a Natural Industrial Look on a Budget

Natural materials like exposed brick, rattan furniture and organic cotton textiles are hallmarks of this trend. Foyr Neo’s powerful rendering software can help you showcase these design elements in your home. Repurposing furniture is a great way to get the Industrial Natural look on a budget. This style celebrates exposing the raw materials of structural elements like beams and pipes. This can help achieve the unfinished, edgy vibe that makes the style so appealing.

Using repurposed wooden items, such as old crates or tea chests for side tables, is an easy and inexpensive way to bring an industrial look to your living space. Repurposed metal furniture also works well with this style. Try turning an old car plate or pulley into a unique coffee table, for example. Transforming mismatched chairs into a bench is a fun and creative repurposing project that’s pretty inexpensive to complete. It will require some sanding, paint, and fabric. This is a great way to show off your DIY skills while adding a one-of-a-kind seating solution to your home.

Exposing brick walls is a design showstopper that brings texture and rustic charm to a space. It can be an authentic period feature, a grungy industrial accent, or even an ultra modern statement. Brick wall surfaces may require extra care to prevent moisture build-up since they are porous. Regular cleaning with water and a wipe down will help to keep them in prime condition.

Have Structural Outcrops or Exposed Brick Walls

If you love the look of brick but aren’t ready to swing the hammer and knock down some plaster, consider using brick tile or brick-like paints for the walls in your home. This will give you a similar effect without the messy cleanup! Try creating a textural contrast by propping oversized mirrors or picture frames against the rough brick walls for an industrial chic aesthetic. Rugged industrial fixtures and accents like steel pulls and knobs, chains, old car plates, metal pipes, worn wood and terra-cotta colors are ideal for bringing the industrial natural style to your home. If your home already features structural protrusions or exposed brick walls, this is a great opportunity to leave them as is; otherwise, creating this look can be done with stencils and faux brick wall panels.

As a masculine style by nature, industrial nature can be complemented with the addition of plants and greenery for visual balance. Artworks, lamps and decorative jars can be used to further accentuate the style as well. Foyr Neo’s powerful 3D design software can help you visualize all the elements of this style in full detail. Sign up for a free 14-day trial to get started! In the past, the industrial style might have seemed like an odd fit for lush greenery or plants. However, as biophilic design continues to grow in popularity, it’s become clear that natural greenery can be used as a stylish and effective complement to the rough-hewn industrial aesthetic.

A Great Complement to Rough Design Styles

Choose planters in a variety of styles to contrast the different design elements in your space, especially those made from wood materials such as reclaimed wood. Also, adding metal decor items like different metal wall fixtures can help pull the look together. Since industrial interiors typically have a lot of natural light, plants thrive in this environment and are a great complement to the rough-hewn design style. Try a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree or another greenery that loves moderate to bright sunlight.

Industrial design is a popular choice for homes because of its mix of minimalism and rustic, reused components. For example, salvaged wood and repurposed metals are common furniture pieces in this style, which also complements hygge, the cozier Scandinavian interior design trend. Metal is essential to this style, as it can bring a raw, industrial feel to your home. You can experiment with different metallic shades to find a combination that suits your space, from warm coppers to subtle pewters and bright brasses. Brushed or rusted metal can add to the rustic side of this design, while polished or smooth metal can bring in modernity. Bare light bulbs or caged light fixtures that leave the bulb visible are both common in this style as well. We are happy to receive guest post submissions from you.


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